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I know you.
You’re an action-taker.
An innovative leader.
A rockstar in your field.
You have massive dreams and goals.
NOTHING messes with you.

But you have some issues that are making you feel stuck.
You know that there’s more to business but you’re not quite sure where to turn.

When you look at your end-game, you see more time, freedom and choice.
And to reach the end-game you’re going to HAVE to change things up.

You’re ready to start LIVING the life you planned and you need your business to be the vehicle that gets you there.
You’re ready to quit faffing and start moving. You’re ready for progress.
You’re ready for different results, regardless of how scared it makes you.

You may download one of my freebies, and convince yourself it will all be okay.
You can leave my site today and nothing will change.
OR you can get help.
If you:
  • Struggle to articulate your value to clients
  • Feel like you blend in with your competitors
  • Are attracting clients who don’t value you
  • Need to learn how to speak your client’s language
  • Want to create a cult-brand with a loyal following
  • Need to package up “You” or perhaps the “New You”
  • Need support from someone who’s been there
  • Want to feel confident in yourself and your offering
  • Are transitioning to new products or services
  • Are frustrating yourself because of your lack of self-belief
  • Or if you just don’t even know where to start..

Then get in touch, and let’s make magic happen.

You’re smart enough to know that you need clarity in order to move forward and get un-stuck. I can help you get the clarity.

Leah Bridge

  • Leah’s brand magic is priceless and I wholeheartedly recommend her Brand Consult services. I thought I needed strategic sales funnel systems and processes to grow my business, and we worked on those. But what I truly connected with was my authentic brand voice. Now I feel confident to stand in my truth because I know that I deliver the results my clients need. Gratitude Leah - you rock!

  • Thanks for helping me get clarity around my values and my message. You certainly know how to get stuff out of people's heads!! As a marketer myself I know how important it is to have clarity around the big picture before anything else. And I feel like I have that now. Thanks so much.

    Megan Winter
    Megan WinterLume Marketing
  • I engaged Leah as my Brand Strategist before the launch of my online store The Con-nection to advise how we could attract and connect with our dream customers. I had no idea just how in-depth branding is and couldn't have imagined tackling it all without Leah's help. She's magic! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs to stand out and make a massive impact in their industry. We now feel incredibly confident in communicating our core brand messages to our dream customers, we feel as if our brand is really "us" and we are happy with how we are positioned in the busy fashion/retail space which has created some exciting opportunities for us!

    Nadia Bartel
    Nadia BartelThe Con-nection & The Chronicles of Nadia
  • Brand Clarity Coaching was an inspiring session that helped me view my business from a different perspective. Leah asked lots of questions and really took the time to get to know me and to understand my business. I came away with clarity, focus, new ideas and lots of valuable advice. I highly recommend The Golden Goose to anyone who is looking for branding advice

    Deb Sinclair
    Deb SinclairLiquid Mango Consulting
  • Leah is an honest, gorgeous woman. She knows her stuff, her energy is contagious, she is very easy to engage with and she left me with a very clear list of jobs to do. I know where I am heading now...and that in itself is awesome!!!!

    Kate Dixon
    Kate DixonKate Dixon Design
  • Just booked another cosmic Brand Clarity session with The Golden Goose Consulting. Her sessions are like having cold water chucked on your head, in a really good way.

    Camilla Peffer
    Camilla PefferCamilla Peffer Copywriting
  • I engaged Leah for a Brand Clarity Coaching Session and was really impressed! I loved Leah's zest and passion, her knowledge of the branding discipline and ability to communicate and educate at the same time. I have learned an enormous amount in a short time which is already reaping rewards for my business. I will be back soon to add some more of her sparkle to my brand story!

    Sonya Comiskey
    Sonya ComiskeyBorn Country Baby


Learn how to attract clients to your business who:

  • VALUE your time
  • IMPLEMENT what they learn
  • Have similar values and business ethics
  • APPRECIATE the enormous value of my expertise
  • .. and so much more!