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About The Golden Goose

 i hate small talk

I’m not going to give you all the stock-standard (read: boring) details about my business (The Golden Goose Consulting) – like where it’s located (Central Coast, NSW Australia) or how long I’ve been in business (since 2009).

I want to tell you a little about my unique methodology.
I want to tell you more about my mission.
I want to tell you more about who you’ll really be working with.

My Methodology

I don’t believe in branding or rebranding for the sake of it – I believe in creating a brand that lasts. That’s timeless. That you’ll love not only now, but in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years’ time. To do this we look at your future vision and create a versatile brand that will allow some breathing room.

I believe in creating a look and feel for your business that you love. You as the linchpin of the business can either draw energy away from the business OR you can inject passion and excitement. If you don’t love the look and feel of your brand, how is anyone else going to?

I believe in big strategy and big results. The first thing you need to know about me is that I can’t stand “fluff” for the purpose of being fluff. You want to get a new logo? That’s cool. But you need to know WHY you’re doing it and what you’re hoping to achieve. If you are going to rebrand your business – you want to get it right. You want to attract the right people. You want to be known as the expert. You want to be remembered. So make sure this is what you’re walking away with!

I believe in authenticity, that you being your true self is magnetic and what will truly set you apart.

My Mission

I have two missions –

  1. To assist business owners around the globe get the freedom to be who they are created to be – their authentic selves in business, and;
  2. To empower women around the globe to have freedom to be who they are created to be – free from abuse, more specifically, DV.

Having felt ‘stuck’ for years in an abusive relationship, freedom is kinda important to me. And fighting for that freedom for others is what really gets me out of bed in the morning.

My longer term vision is to build a business that allows me to invest and create elsewhere – mainly to create educational programs for young women on the red flags of controlling men and how to avoid abusive relationships.

On the business side though, I want to see every business owner have the confidence to be who they are created to be. I want them to have so much clarity around who they are as a brand that stepping out and showing up is a natural next step because you’re bubbling over with excitement.

Who You’ll Really Be Working With

I’m an introvert who loves Suits (hello Harvey), wearing PJs to work, and I love the SUN because I tan easily and as a dear friend of mine would say – “fat looks better brown”.

I have a standing desk (highly recommend). I’m a mad renovator, I’m currently on my second renovation project (eep!).

I love people that have the entrepreneurial sparkle in their eye!

who i work with

Strong, driven business owners –

who LOVE what they do,

who have HUGE goals and dreams (even if it scares them),

who work hard and play hard,

who want to grow an authentic, values-driven business,

who are in an up-level phase in their business
(investing in experts to help them get there),

who want to be the next big thing (the expert!),

who are committed to creating their own future,

and are ready to take the next step to change the world.

who i don’t work with


who’s in it to make a quick buck,

who doesn’t have a solid business idea they can implement on,

who isn’t passionate about what they do,

who doesn’t have big hairy goals,

who feels like they’re always the victim,

have to ask hubby’s permission to spend money on the biz,

who is incredibly indecisive.

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Leah Bridge Brand Consultant

About Leah


At age 8 I hauled a table, a chair, some goods and the cat to set up a shop in my parents mammoth driveway to start selling my wares. Although the customers were non-existent (I was too far down the driveway – rookie mistake) – this was my earliest memory of wanting to control my own destiny. Growing up, my destiny was confirmed by the comments of my teachers in my report cards. “Leah always puts 100% into her work”, “Leah is self-motivated and a keen achiever..”

I was working as an employed graphic designer feeling unfulfilled with the career path I had absent-mindedly wandered down. The decision was made for me; I stumbled upon the opportunity to ‘fly solo’ so quit my job and began the nerve wracking process of finding my feet in business.

So, in 2009, my entrepreneurial adventure began. Equipped with a love for people, perfection, identity creation and design, The Golden Goose was born.

In 2010 with a love of Christmas, networking and business I began a joint annual event, Jolly Solo – Christmas Party for small business owners – with Fletcher Tax Accountants.


Fast forward a few years and learning curves, and you’ll find me today. Owning a business is everything I thought it would be, and more. It continuously challenges me in the most amazing ways possible and is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done in my life. I believe some of us naturally have the perfect amount of gumption required for the long haul – energy, brains, people skills, motivation, confidence, huge hairy ideas (and the craziness to go through with them), organisational skills… oh where would we be without our body length to-do lists?


How The Golden Goose Came to Be

The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose is the story of a boy who was rewarded for his kindness with the gift of a golden goose. Everyone who heard of the boy’s gift desperately wanted a golden feather and the wealth it would bring.

In 2009 when I decided to launch a design business I literally hit the ground running. I had gathered some clients and decided to leave my existing job. There wasn’t much planning time, so I quickly chose a name – Inkblot Design Studio – and ran with that.

By 2010 my business was slowly gaining traction, but there was no love in the brand from me to my brand or from my customers to my brand.

It was then I decided to hit rewind, do some soul searching and relaunch as a new brand – pitched to an audience I wanted to target, in a way that made me proud of the designed materials and creating a tribe who would love the brand I had always dreamed of.

Business naming is difficult in the best of circumstances, make yourself the client and it’s 100 times more difficult! Deciding the name that matches your brand is a mammoth task.

After weeks of searching, we discovered that fairy tales struck a chord with the business. They were exciting and they always ended happily – just like my client’s journey with me.

The Golden Goose is an old Brother’s Grimm tale about a boy who befriends an old man who gives him a golden goose. Everyone wants a feather from this goose as its feathers will make them wealthy.

At The Golden Goose, the branding, design, business naming skills and advice are those golden feathers. Those feathers provide value to your business and will not only make your competition jealous, but will make you proud – the very thing needed to make your business BOOM!

Post-Rebrand the difference was HUGE.

My ideal customers find me easily. They adore the brand. They connect. They call and tell me they’ve read my website and feel as if they know me already. They are EXCITED. They are IN LOVE. You can read more about this as a case study here.

Are you ready to hit rewind and do some soul searching to produce a brand that gets your dream customers excited? Helps them fall in love? If your answer is YES hit the big button below.

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