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brand clarity coaching.

create something you’re proud of

Are you a driven entrepreneur who wants to create an authentic and impactful brand?

You’re a big thinker – you have big dreams and goals like launching workshops, books and courses. The world is your oyster, baby!

BUT you’re struggling to get focused, and you’re feeling like you’re going around in circles.

You know you’re wasting valuable time while you could be building your business or working with those dreamy clients!

You need someone to cut through all the ideas buzzing around in your head so you can make your vision happen.

In Brand Clarity Coaching, you get to tap into my creativity and experience in launching brands for the past 10+ years.

Through my strategic processes that include diagnosing exactly what is/isn’t working and recognising your future vision, we’ll create an authentic brand that feels like it fits.

You’ll walk away with a brand you’re both confident in and proud of.

what do you do?

  • 1:1 Skype Strategy Sessions
  • Group Workshops
  • Individual In-Person Workshops
  • 1:1 Coaching for 1, 4 or 6 months
  • Exclusive Retreats
  • Online Business Naming Course
  • Online Brand Strategy Course
  • Leah is amazing, it's like she reads minds! I don't know how she does it!

    Rebecca Derrington
    Rebecca Derrington Sourcebottle
  • After working with Leah for 6 months I have a brand name that I’m super proud of and want to say all the time! I have a website that’s so much clearer, and speaks to exactly the person I want to speak to. I’m excited, I’ve got that confidence back, I’ve got that energy to do things in my business where I was lacking in motivation. I never imagined I’d be as excited about my business again as I am!

    Kylah Morrison
    Kylah Morrison Maverick Effect
  • For the last 7 years I knew that my branding wasn’t on-point. I was at a point where I didn’t want to give my business cards out or say my business name. But within 4 months of working with Leah I had 200% confidence in what I’m doing because I know the brand isn’t holding my business or new product back.

    Kylie Short
    Kylie Short MagnifyUp

what we’ll achieve

  • Nail your strategy – action without a plan is a waste of time! We nail strategy straight up so your actions amount to impact.
  • Harness your own authenticity so you can grow how you envision.
  • Rename your business (if you need to!) – get feedback, brainstorm ideas and get it done together so you know your new name is “on brand” and fits your future business vision.
  • Learn how to explain your value.
  • Craft a message that people will care about.
  • Define an identity for your brand.
  • Position your company so you’re the obvious choice.
  • Learn how to speak to your dream audience in a way that excites them
    and makes them get involved with your mission.
  • Create a brand you’re confident in.
  • Rebrand Launch Plan – know exactly what to do and when.
The Last Rebrand Online Branding Course | The Golden Goose Consulting

who i work with

Driven entrepreneurs and business owners

who LOVE what they do,

who have HUGE goals and dreams (even if it scares them),

who work hard and play hard,

who want to grow an authentic, values-driven business,

who are in an up-level phase in their business
(investing in experts to help them get there),

who want to be the next big thing (the expert!),

who are committed to creating their own future,

and are ready to take the next step to change the world.

who i don’t work with


who’s in it to make a quick buck,

who isn’t passionate about what they do,

who doesn’t have big hairy goals.

The Last Rebrand Online Branding Course

what you need to know about working with me

  • You’re not alone – I’m on your team!
  • You have accountability – we make sh*t happen!
  • You can move forward – everything about my packages = progress.
  • You’re getting feedback that fills you with confidence – on everything from your new logo, to images in your Instagram feed!
  • You have professional assistance – from briefing graphic designers to giving feedback to your web developer.
  • You’re getting help where you need it most – Whatever you need most at the time is what we focus on in the session.
  • I’m responsive – one of the things my clients love is my speed! When you’re one of my clients, you’re my top priority.
  • I knew something had to change after I received a pretty negative review of my website by a online expert! I decided to work with Leah to improve it. I now have a website that’s so much clearer and really speaks to exactly who I want to speak to and having my website in front of the right people is a really good sales tool. It saves so much time for me! Backing myself has been so much more valuable in other areas of the business too

    Kylah Morrison
    Kylah Morrison Maverick Effect
  • I had tried a few times to connect my vision in my head with my business but I just couldn’t get there by myself. It felt wrong. It looked wrong. It felt wrong. None of it fit together as it had been “muddied” over the years with different graphic designers etc. Now everything is so clear! I have so much confidence now in promoting myself and my business and that’s come from having that clarity around my brand and the work we did together.

    Kylie Short
    Kylie Short MagnifyUp

a talk with my clients.

Kylah Morrison, Maverick Effect (formerly Zest e-Biz) testimonial.

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