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Branding Health Audit Checklist

Follow the 7 core steps to give yourself a branding health audit! The checklist also includes what your next steps should be, depending on your audit result.

Enter your details to download your FREE copy of the 7 Point Branding Health Audit Checklist to assess your branding so you know exactly what to fix!


how to do a branding audit

  • Step 1: Branding “Health Check”
  • Step 2: Create A Future You Love
  • Step 3: Your Dream Client
  • Step 4: Your Competition
  • Step 5: The Right Message
  • Step 6: Beautiful Branding
  • Step 7: Pulling It All Together

grab your free copy of the 7-point branding health audit below.

about leah.

Leah Bridge is owner of The Golden Goose Consulting and online men’s gift store, Navy Crockett. She is an Australian Brand Strategist & Brand Consultant with over 10 years’ experience working alongside entrepreneurs to uncover the gold in their businesses so they can proudly strut their stuff and attract attention from the consumers they care about most.

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