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I was out and about on Sunday night, so didn’t get a chance to catch up on Tara Brown’s 60 Minutes interview of Belle Gibson (The Whole Pantry) until tonight. If you haven’t had an opportunity to watch it either, click here (and then jump back and give us your thoughts below!).

When you watch the interview, you can’t help but feel angry and frustrated for those who have been misled and ripped off.

Unfortunately for Belle, her personal brand and word now mean nothing to the thousands who have been misled and the many more thousands who tuned into 60 Minutes last night.

Her name – which once represented so much trust, hope and inspiration – now means nothing and her brand The Whole Pantry and her personal brand have suffered irreparable damage.


The foundation of a strong brand is TRUST. Once you lose trust, just like in any relationship, it is gone. G.O.N.E.

Why? Because your customers;

  • Trust that you will do what you say you will do
  • Trust that you will deliver
  • Trust in the quality of what you do
  • Trust in what you say

Build it, and work hard not to lose it!

The Lesson To Learn

When you stuff up – which you will, at some time or another in business – come clean as soon as possible.

Remain transparent. Apologise. Make amends.

Don’t make excuses. Don’t try to blame your uncle’s brother’s cat. Accept responsibility.

Once you gain the trust of a loyal following, you need to be honest and do what you say you are going to do in order to keep their trust and continue romancing your customers.

Don’t ever take your loyal fans for granted x

Did you tune in to the interview? What did you think?

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  • vegeTARAian

    I’m sure so many are angry at Belle and I do share that – I also feel sad for her. To live in a world full of so much confusion and deceit must be quite difficult and I wonder how her mental health is. Clearly she’s not ok otherwise she wouldn’t have hurt so many people, whether she meant to or not. I do hope she gets the help she so clearly needs.

    • Leah Bridge

      I hope she gets the help she needs too.. Thanks for the comment @vegetaraian:disqus!

  • Kate @ Wondrous

    Love the ‘remain transparent’ so important in every aspect of life! I watched the interview and it honestly made me feel uneasy watching. I am with VegeTARAian down below. It also saddens me that 60 minutes paid money to instigate someone who clearly is not mentally stable. There is so much awareness in Australia around mental illness its so sad to see the media not take any ethical responsibility to help her wellbeing. Pay her for help not for an interview, you can’t make an example out of someone who is mentally unstable.

    • Leah Bridge

      Great points! She does not seem willing or ready to admit she may have issues though, so am not sure how they could go about helping her. Eye opening for sure!

  • Lisa | Mummy Made.It

    I didn’t watch the interview as I feel she has had her fair share of ‘media oxygen’ and doesn’t need to be given any more of the attention she obviously craves.
    There does appear to be something ill with Belle; I hope she gets the psychological helps she needs.

  • Sam

    I totally agree. It is very strange that she is financially stable and being paid for her lies, and that no criminal charges can be taken against her…… The fact she doesn’t know how old she really is or that she felt the need to change her name 4 times in her life points towards someone who is very troubled 🙁

    • Leah Bridge

      I’m left wondering why she can dodge fraud charges too! Time will tell I suppose..

    • Heidi + Coco

      I agree with you Sam, I think she is very troubled. She struggled with so many of the questions. If she hadn’t misled so many people about something so serious and sacred – life, I would almost feel sorry for her but the damage she has created is wider than monetary gain. Chantal

  • Alexandria Trichilo

    I couldn’t help myself and absolutely had to watch it haha (on catch up yesterday) and found it so confusing! It is a very sad situation but I like your spin on learning lessons rather than judging everyone involved!

    • Leah Bridge

      It’s really easy to sit back and judge people, isn’t it! We really don’t know the truth behind it all, only what we see in a 15 minute interview. I’ll try to hold my judgement 😉 x

  • Larissa

    It was a very confusing interview. If only she would admit that she completely stuffed up and apologised I might have felt a bit of sympathy for her but she just kept giving answers that didn’t make any sense. I actually feel sad for her now. She obviously has issues she needs to sort out.

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