a perfect business name creates
a magnetic first impression.

get noticed
more easily

make your business

build an asset that
lasts a lifetime

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 extra attention = extra sales

This extra attention converts into sales and dollars for you.

The power of a name lies with the instant impression it makes. Your brand name is more than just something to call yourself; it’s the first hook you use to attract business and it might just determine what someone does next. Do they call you? Or forget about you?

 the golden goose method

I’ve developed a unique Business Naming Methodology that allows clients to walk away with both the clarity in their brand and the confidence in their new name so they’re kitted out ready for world domination!


We get to know your business inside out.
We get really clear on your end-game.
We unleash our creativity.
We look at the naming ideas from all angles
and produce powerful names for you.

favourite naming projects

Maverick Effect | The Golden Goose

maverick effect

A rebrand from Zest e-Biz, Maverick Effect was born after we did a deep dive into the core of the company to reveal just who they are. So much #boom in this name!

Magnify Up | The Golden Goose


A rebrand from Tilda Virtual, MagnifyUp *almost* became Tilda Consulting just before I came on the scene. MagnifyUp is a glorious business name focusing on the big results Kylie & her team win for their clients.

Navy Crockett | The Golden Goose

navy crockett

A startup brand, Navy Crockett believes that all men are different making them hard to buy for. The name is a fun play on the name Davy Crockett who was a unique man himself (and probably also hard to buy for).

Octoply | The Golden Goose


The Octoply team had an 8 step system that gets their clients big results. It was only natural that we would then want to snag the name Octoply – a cross between the words ‘octopus’ and ‘multiply’. Lovin’ it!

The Pause Before | The Golden Goose

the pause before

Without taking the time to pause, a person ends up feeling disconnected with themselves and their environment. With a mission of taking yoga therapy into the corporate world, The Pause Before now have the name to match!

The Golden Goose Consulting | The Golden Goose

the golden goose

Dear The Golden Goose, I’m still so so so in love with you all these years later. The Golden Goose is named after the Brother’s Grimm tale, everyone wanting a feather from the golden goose that would bring them wealth and wisdom.

Wonder Ever After | The Golden Goose

wonder ever after

Umbrella brand name – Wonder Ever After. With a drive to make her dream customer smile, wowed and special, Melina enlisted my help to create strategy and unity across her brands. Isn’t this name just delightful? A sure fav.

company naming options.

I’m here to take the headache out of naming your business by taking you through a process I’ve been through many times before. I’ll create or help you to create a name that sparks a connection with your dream clients and starts to earn their trust before you’ve even said hello.

Want to stand out from your competitors?
Want your name to roll of your tongue without you cringing?
Want a brand that you’re in love with and proud of?
A brand that attracts the right people?

If finding the perfect business name is holding up launch and progress for you, there are multiple ways that The Golden Goose can help you get ‘unstuck’:


1:1 collaborative naming sessions.

1:1 Brand Naming Power Sessions – for professional advice, feedback, ideas or decision making.


luxury business naming.

Luxury Business Naming – we take your naming project and hard work for you to present you with 5 brandable naming options.

talk with my clients.

Kylah Morrison, Maverick Effect (formerly Zest e-Biz) testimonial.

free 15 minute chat

Complete the form below to book a 15 minute chat with Leah Bridge – Brand Consultant & Business Namer – about your business naming project.

  • Leah did an amazing job in coming up with business names for me, they were all so good that it was hard to pick the one I liked best and I ended up registering a few of them. Leah was an absolute pleasure to work with, she guided me through her information gathering process in a logical and creative way which really got me thinking about where my business was heading plus some new ides I had not even thought off! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. I would highly recommend Leah to others, her structured approach and methodology captures all the information needed to come up with the best name for your new business and you will have lots of fun doing it!

    Melina Sehr
    Melina Sehr Wonder Ever After
  • Naming and branding a business is a big deal, a really, really big deal.  I didn't really understand how important it was until I was well into the process, and I didn't realise how important it was to choose the right company to work with. Thank goodness I chose The Golden Goose! Leah has helped me name my precious small business, and given us a rockin' brand. I am thrilled with the result and recommend Leah and The Golden Goose as the best option when branding or rebranding.

    Tim Wicks
    Tim Wicks Think Fizz
  • Far out, a new brand gives your business new life! You can quote me on that.

    Sonia Cuff
    Sonia Cuff The Missing Chair
  • Leah has such a unique approach to branding, she really ‘gets’ what it takes to create a brand that fits. Naming is something I see so many women get stuck on. It holds them back in everything they do. You can't create a profitable business if you're hiding in the shadows. The right fit will boost your confidence, build your profile and excite your target market.

    Melanie Miller
    Melanie Miller

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