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I’ve never had to name a baby, but I’m a lover of watching other people do it. Today I’m linking the similarities of naming a business to naming a baby.

There’s some doozeys out there, so I won’t go into listing the baby names I find the oddest as I’m sure to offend someone!

From my observations parents take naming their kids pretty seriously. And so they should. It’s a name the child is stuck with for the rest of their life.

One of the factors that seems to play a large role in child naming is each parents’ experience with people who share that particular name. It might be a belief that boys with a B name end up being naughty, or that Dracula (terrible name, I know!) may not be the best name for their bouncy new baby boy.

Sometimes target audiences have fickle beliefs and experiences with names like this too.

They might be rubbed the wrong way because a certain name was always used for the name of the “baddie” in their childhood cartoons. Or a certain generations – eg “flower” in the Flower Power age.

If you’re naming a business; you’ll firstly need to have a complete understanding of just WHO you are targeting, then conduct research to those target market tiers to make sure nothing stands out to them as an issue.

Good luck!


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