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Here you’ll find a growing list of resources for you to use. Each one of these has been created to inspire, clarify, educate and empower you to build the brand you have always dreamed of.

The tools and resources are created with you in mind. You know that a strong brand is built on good, sturdy, consistent foundations. You know that doing it right the first time (or for some of you the second time!) is actually a time-saver.

How To Fix A Brand That Doesn't Fit | Brand Consultant | The Golden Goose
How I Attracted Bigger & Better Clients By Learning The Secret Of A Powerful Rebrand
how to choose the perfect business name ecourse

How to Fix A Brand That Doesn’t Fit

If you are embarrassed to promote your brand, or you know your brand won’t last the distance but you aren’t sure where to start to fix it, this is for you!
I’d love to see you join my free 3 part series!

How I Attracted Bigger & Better Clients

In the last 8 years I have worked with top fashion bloggers, politicians, executives in major international tech companies, large corporates and government bodies to create the brand of their dreams.

How to Choose the Perfect Business Name eCourse

This free 3-part video series will show you where to start, which big mistakes you need to avoid and how to choose well and move forward!

Discover Your Why | The Golden Goose

Discover Your Why Workbook

Create a brand that fits you, your vision and your values. Finding out your WHY can be a tough task, I’ve broken it down into bite-sized steps.

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