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Leah Bridge
Owner, The Golden Goose Consulting & Online Store – Navy Crockett

Leah is founder of The Golden Goose Consulting, a boutique brand consultancy as well as Navy Crockett, an online store selling gifts for hard to buy for men.

An expert in Brand Strategy and Business Naming, Leah’s comments and expertise have been featured on platforms such as the Huffington Post blog and Smart Company.

She has worked alongside top entrepreneurs like Nadia Bartel (Chronicles of Nadia and The Con-nection) and Melina Sehr – Partner of IBM – to create their dreams.

Leah | The Golden Goose


Leah Bridge is available to speak on these topics –

  1. How To Be Completely Authentic In Business
  2. How To Create A Powerful Brand That Lasts (so you don’t need to rebrand again and again)
  3. 5 Ways You Can Become Completely Irresistible To Your Dream Clients
  4. When To Rebrand Your Business
  5. Business Naming – why choosing your business name matters, and where to start so that it will last
  6. Life After Domestic Violence

If you have a topic or angle you would specifically like for your audience, please suggest this and we’ll see what we can do!


Leah Bridge is owner of The Golden Goose Consulting and online men’s gift store, Navy Crockett. She is an Australian Brand Strategist, Business Namer & Brand Consultant with over 10 years’ experience working alongside entrepreneurs to uncover the gold in their businesses so they can proudly strut their stuff and attract attention from the consumers they care about most.

For 2 years running she co-hosted ‘Jolly Solo’ – a Christmas party for 60-ish excited solo entrepreneurs in Sydney.

Located on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, Leah has easy access to both Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle for speaking engagements. She is also open to interstate speaking engagements.

Leah is available to speak at functions small and large, and has been interviewed by journalists for large publications and podcasts.

Leah is also a passionate anti-domestic violence advocate, and having lived through an abusive relationship.

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Leah Bridge Brand Consultant
Leah Bridge Brand Consultant
The Golden Goose
  • Being able to talk to Leah early in the process about keeping brand conversations really zeroed in on actual product value and not wispy, aspirational, vague, esoteric brand concepts meant the team were more accepting of talking about brand at this early stage of our business. Leah was able to listen to two people in the session and then capture the key parts of that conversation in a shared document. A clearer view of our ideal customer and product value has already been a key part of crafting our future go-to-market plans and focussing in on designing signature moments in the product experience. It felt like we had a partner who was helping to bring the best out of our people and team rather than delivering something for us that we weren't part of creating… being able to work on a short value proposition together has helped us feel more confident in our product and how it solves our users problems.

    Bradley Taylor
    Bradley Taylor Co-founder of Bridge
  • I engaged Leah as my Brand Strategist before the launch of my online store The Con-nection to advise how we could attract and connect with our dream customers. I had no idea just how in-depth branding is and couldn't have imagined tackling it all without Leah's help. She's magic! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs to stand out and make a massive impact in their industry. We now feel incredibly confident in communicating our core brand messages to our dream customers, we feel as if our brand is really "us" and we are happy with how we are positioned in the busy fashion/retail space which has created some exciting opportunities for us!

    Nadia Bartel
    Nadia Bartel The Con-nection & The Chronicles of Nadia
  • I'm a DIY junkie, so it made sense to do my branding myself. Like many, I thought I'd hit the nail on the head...big mistake. Working with Leah was like developing x-ray vision. I can see clearly now! Leah's helped me align myself with what I really want to do and how exactly to do it. My brand already feels more authentically 'me’.

    Camilla Peffer
    Camilla Peffer Camilla Peffer Copywriting
  • Leah is amazing, it's like she reads minds! I don't know how she does it!

    Rebecca Derrington
    Rebecca Derrington Sourcebottle
  • Leah did an amazing job in coming up with business names for me, they were all so good that it was hard to pick the one I liked best and I ended up registering a few of them. Leah was an absolute pleasure to work with, she guided me through her information gathering process in a logical and creative way which really got me thinking about where my business was heading plus some new ides I had not even thought off! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. I would highly recommend Leah to others, her structured approach and methodology captures all the information needed to come up with the best name for your new business and you will have lots of fun doing it!

    Melina Sehr
    Melina Sehr Wonder Ever After

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