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Kylah Morrison, Maverick Effect (formerly Zest e-Biz) testimonial.

Louisa Caine, The Pause Before testimonial.

Kylie Short, MagnifyUp (formerly Tilda Consulting) testimonial.

  • Since I repositioned my brand with Leah’s help, I’m attracting dream clients who see me as an expert in my field. Big clients like Seed Heritage. Clients who want someone experienced in fashion!

    Camilla Peffer
    Camilla Peffer Camilla Peffer Copywriting
  • Um…. why the f**k didn’t you tell me that launching my rebrand would be the best feeling ever and I’d get a handful of replies within minutes, including a request for services!? 😉
    Thank you, you branding legend!!
    Kylah Morrison Maverick Effect
  • Leah was instrumental in helping me articulate what wasn't working about my business name and branding anymore. I'd tried in the past to change it but without Leah's expert help it never got off the ground and was pushed to the back-burner. After working one on one with Leah these last few months, not only do I have a business name that is more meaningful to my clients and potential clients, but I have branding that I am proud and excited to share with everyone. My branding message is on point and it truly represents what my team and I do for our clients. Thanks again Leah for your expertise and support!

    Kylie Short
    Kylie Short MagnifyUp
  • She is incredibly supportive, "gets you and where you're at", you can share anything with her and she will make sure you stay on track, whatever you need. Her ability to keep things simple is refreshing and her creativity is beautiful. Before I worked with Leah I was going around in circles about my new business name and brand trying to appeal to everyone and anyone. I was also wasting valuable time that I could have been working with my clients. Previously, I had just used my name but I was starting a brand new venture of corporate yoga and yoga therapy and felt out of my depth with the brand. I now have a business name and brand I am confident with and feel very proud of. I love seeing people's faces when they see my business card and ask me more about it. It's such a great ice-breaker. I can't recommend Leah enough.

    Louisa Caine
    Louisa Caine The Pause Before
  • Leah was amazing at cutting through all the ideas swimming through my head for rebranding my business. She helped me nail my ideal client, form a solid brand identity and most importantly come up with a name that I love and I'm super proud of now, instead of mumbling it under my breath; or cringing every time I needed to spell my email address over the phone. Leah takes the time required and is readily available to bounce ideas off and get feedback from. Highly recommend!

    Kylah Morrison
    Kylah Morrison Maverick Effect
  • Leah has done work for some of my clients, all of whom have raved about the service provided by Leah. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Leah and her expertise in branding - she is certainly someone you can trust your brand with!

    Chris Bates
    Chris Bates
  • Before working with Leah, rebranding seemed so daunting. We knew we had outgrown our name and we didn’t want to do any marketing. When you’re staring at a blank piece of paper and randomly start throwing names around, nothing feels right. We started The Last Rename with some strong ideas on what we didn’t want and a good sense of our brand personality, but the exercises helped cement all of this and opened us up to new ideas.The Last Rename gave us a structure and a timeframe, which lead to the inspiration of our new name. It’s so very us and we love telling people the meaning behind it, because they always ask! Now when I see people asking Facebook groups for advice on what to call their business, I almost cry. How do you expect strangers to come up with a name that’s uniquely you? I know why people struggle with it though – they just need the structure of The Last Rename and the guidance from Leah!

    Sonia Cuff
    Sonia Cuff The Missing Chair
  • Leah has such a unique approach to branding, she really ‘gets’ what it takes to create a brand that fits. Naming is something I see so many women get stuck on. It holds them back in everything they do. You can't create a profitable business if you're hiding in the shadows. The right fit will boost your confidence, build your profile and excite your target market.

    Melanie Miller
    Melanie Miller
  • You are amazing Leah. So happy to have discovered you. Leah's branding wisdom is impeccably presented in [her naming methodology]. It's such a great resource. I rebranded in 2013 and [your naming methodology] was my guiding light through the rebranding process. Being in the graphic design & marketing industry, I can safely say that rebranding is no small feat. I knew that I was well supported if I needed to call on Leah for help. I highly recommend [Leah’s naming methodology]!!

    Happy Client
  • [We] can't thank you enough for the excitement, clarity and focus you've distilled into us and our newfound brand. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Happy Client
  • Far out, a new brand gives your business new life! You can quote me on that.

    Sonia Cuff
    Sonia Cuff The Missing Chair
  • Naming and branding a business is a big deal, a really, really big deal.  I didn't really understand how important it was until I was well into the process, and I didn't realise how important it was to choose the right company to work with. Thank goodness I chose The Golden Goose! Leah has helped me name my precious small business, and given us a rockin' brand. I am thrilled with the result and recommend Leah and The Golden Goose as the best option when branding or rebranding.

    Tim Wicks
    Tim Wicks Think Fizz
  • The [naming methodology] is fabulous Leah, your knowledge is amazing!

    Happy Client
  • When I was looking at a new business name last year you came HIGHLY recommended by many!

    Peta Lee
  • Leah did an amazing job in coming up with business names for me, they were all so good that it was hard to pick the one I liked best and I ended up registering a few of them. Leah was an absolute pleasure to work with, she guided me through her information gathering process in a logical and creative way which really got me thinking about where my business was heading plus some new ides I had not even thought off! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. I would highly recommend Leah to others, her structured approach and methodology captures all the information needed to come up with the best name for your new business and you will have lots of fun doing it!

    Melina Sehr
    Melina Sehr Wonder Ever After
  • Leah is amazing, it's like she reads minds! I don't know how she does it!

    Rebecca Derrington
    Rebecca Derrington Sourcebottle
  • The Golden Goose has a wonderful talent for taking a description of what you would like to achieve and helping you turn it into exactly what you were looking for. Owner, Leah is a delight to work with & I look forward to working with her again soon.

    Jen Brown
    Jen Brown SPARTA Personal Training, Tri Peak Performance
  • I worked with The Golden Goose to establish my core brand values, which then lead into the naming and identity creation of my new brand. I found the experience very beneficial, and the end result is not just a kick-ass logo… but a brand that I’m intensely passionate about. From the person who named his dog Lewis because we bought him from a breeder in Lewiston, if you struggle with naming then hire The Golden Goose to help with your brand development. I highly value what the team brought to the table in the creation of my brand, name, and identity.

    Chris Bates
    Chris Bates Octoply
  • I engaged Leah for a Brand Clarity Coaching Session and was really impressed! I loved Leah's zest and passion, her knowledge of the branding discipline and ability to communicate and educate at the same time. I have learned an enormous amount in a short time which is already reaping rewards for my business. I will be back soon to add some more of her sparkle to my brand story!

    Sonya Comiskey
    Sonya Comiskey Born Country Baby
  • The Golden Goose was recommended to me by a friend who said that the quality of their work was exceptional and that she wouldn’t even consider obtaining other quotes. That was good enough for me! Working with owner Leah was divine. She was able to translate my ideas and vision into a brand I’m truly proud of. They over deliver and the process from start to finish was a joy. Don’t think twice before working with The Golden Goose. You won’t regret it!

    Claire Kerslake
    Claire Kerslake Living Life With Diabetes
  • Your special tools to help us work out what our business represents, who we are and what we value were really important in helping us decide on a final brand identity. I think our brand, with your strong and supportive guidance, has turned out to be something really special that we and our customers love. Thanks for all your help!

    Chef Cole Thomas
    Chef Cole Thomas Plant13
  • Leah was able to succinctly identify the key brand values for my business. I knew what they were but the questions she asked, and the way she got me to think about what I do and why, brought me important clarity and a greater sense of my journey

    Brand Consult Client
  • Leah is friendly, easy to talk to, professional and most importantly, she really understands what it takes to help clients get the right brand for their business. I recommend the Brand Clarity Coaching Session to anyone looking to review, create or update their brand.

    Brand Clarity Coaching Client
  • Having consult The Golden Goose in our initial start-up of the business has helped us to clarify our identity and we feel more confident that our brand name can be well accepted. Thanks Leah!

    Brand Consult Client
  • The Brand Clarity Coaching Session from The Golden Goose is a great value for money service. Leah really helped crystalise the point of difference and personality of our brand. If you feel you've lost your way, Leah will help you find the way ahead and add some sparkle to your footsteps.

    Anne Maybus
    Anne Maybus Clever Streak
  • Brilliant approach to looking at my branding. It made me think in depth in how I perceive my business, how it I want it to be seen and a re-focus on the WHY. It gave me a fresh approach. Thank you Leah!

    Ingrid Pich
    Ingrid Pich IngRior Skincare
  • I loved my Brand Clarity Coaching Session! I really felt like Id been handed a golden feather for my business! Leah, you are such a knowledgeable person, Im so grateful for all your help!

    Jodie Caruso
    Jodie Caruso Trichologist
  • I did a Brand Clarity Coaching Session with Leah this week because I needed some help deciding which direction to take my business and my personal brand next year. The consult was great value and gave me alot to think about, plus some clear "next steps".

    Melinda Samson
    Melinda Samson Click Winning Content
  • Its not often you come across someone as talented, as motivated and as passionate about their work as Leah. But when you do, you know you and your business are in good hands. It's not just the amazing work she produces that makes her sparkle rather it’s the true value she brings to your business. Having Leah on our team allows us to relax knowing full well that our business is on a path to success. We're honestly thrilled to pieces with the new identity you've developed for us and can't thank you enough for the excitement, clarity and focus you've distilled into us and our newfound brand. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Happy Clients
  • The [naming] questions have helped me to develop a clearer idea of the essence of Readers Inc. (working title still in the lead!) and to put some language and description around it…  I found the symbolic questions about ice-creams flavors, animals etc a useful way of thinking more intuitively and tapping into my right brain. So thank you very much for helping me to progress this side-business one step further!

    Kathryn Overall
    Kathryn Overall Engage Communications
  • The process of coming up with a brand for a business that was so far a fledgling idea was an incredibly daunting task. I had ideas, but I didn’t have a process to follow. It validated my own thoughts and provided a few ideas to back these up with, so that by the time I was finished, I knew that I had a brand that could stand alone and achieve what I wanted it to do. Through the tasks offered, which were clear to understand and even clearer to achieve, I constantly felt that I was moving in a purposeful direction, one that was able to fire up my creativity and understanding, whilst providing a high level of technical advice and expertise.

    Shannon Brown
    Shannon Brown
  • A great resource for anyone looking to create a strong brand and a memorable name for their bright idea. For those with a brand already firmly in place, the naming exercises alone are worth far more than the [naming methodology's] cost!

    Mike Halligan
    Mike Halligan Engage Marketing, Online Store Guys
  • The sessions Leah has with my clients saves me a lot of time and hard work. Leah is a BOSS at helping people figure out what they do and why they do it, which makes communicating my clients' point-of-difference so much easier! In turn, Leah's work with my clients gives me the clarity I need to develop an authentic turn-of-voice for them. Without it, we're just throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks.

    Camilla Peffer
    Camilla Peffer Camilla Peffer Copywriting
  • I'm a DIY junkie, so it made sense to do my branding myself. Like many, I thought I'd hit the nail on the head...big mistake. Working with Leah was like developing x-ray vision. I can see clearly now! Leah's helped me align myself with what I really want to do and how exactly to do it. My brand already feels more authentically 'me’.

    Camilla Peffer
    Camilla Peffer Camilla Peffer Copywriting
  • Just booked another cosmic Brand Clarity session with The Golden Goose Consulting. Her sessions are like having cold water chucked on your head, in a really good way.

    Camilla Peffer
    Camilla Peffer Camilla Peffer Copywriting
  • Leah is an honest, gorgeous woman. She knows her stuff, her energy is contagious, she is very easy to engage with and she left me with a very clear list of jobs to do. I know where I am heading now...and that in itself is awesome!!!!

    Kate Dixon
    Kate Dixon Kate Dixon Design
  • Leah exceeded my expectations, went way overtime than the booked time and still worked after the call to finish our shared worksheet which gave me so much clarity about my brand. She consistently gave helpful input and coaching with great authentic personality. Leah patiently probed me to get deeper into understanding my brand which allowed me to make huge leaps into developing my business. After the consultation I felt much more optimistic about creating a successful business.

    Jason Watson Agoy Wellbeing
  • Brand Clarity Coaching was an inspiring session that helped me view my business from a different perspective. Leah asked lots of questions and really took the time to get to know me and to understand my business. I came away with clarity, focus, new ideas and lots of valuable advice. I highly recommend The Golden Goose to anyone who is looking for branding advice.

    Deb Sinclair
    Deb Sinclair Liquid Mango Consulting
  • I was at a complete block in getting my business started because I didn't have a business name I was happy with. I stumbled across The Golden Goose via google and worked through the [naming methodology] over a few days. A few days after that it came to me, a business name I love and am proud of.

    Lee Alexander
  • All in all, the [naming methodology] is fabulous and made me feel much more creative than I thought I could be!

    Renee Gurney
    Renee Gurney
  • I engaged Leah as my Brand Strategist before the launch of my online store The Con-nection to advise how we could attract and connect with our dream customers. I had no idea just how in-depth branding is and couldn't have imagined tackling it all without Leah's help. She's magic! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs to stand out and make a massive impact in their industry. We now feel incredibly confident in communicating our core brand messages to our dream customers, we feel as if our brand is really "us" and we are happy with how we are positioned in the busy fashion/retail space which has created some exciting opportunities for us!

    Nadia Bartel
    Nadia Bartel The Con-nection & The Chronicles of Nadia
  • Thanks for helping me get clarity around my values and my message. You certainly know how to get stuff out of people's heads!! As a marketer myself I know how important it is to have clarity around the big picture before anything else. And I feel like I have that now. Thanks so much.

    Megan Winter
    Megan Winter Lume Marketing
  • Leah’s brand magic is priceless and I wholeheartedly recommend her Brand Consult services. But what I truly connected with was my authentic brand voice. Now I feel confident to stand in my truth because I know that I deliver the results my clients need. Gratitude Leah - you rock!

  • Being able to talk to Leah early in the process about keeping brand conversations really zeroed in on actual product value and not wispy, aspirational, vague, esoteric brand concepts meant the team were more accepting of talking about brand at this early stage of our business. Leah was able to listen to two people in the session and then capture the key parts of that conversation in a shared document. A clearer view of our ideal customer and product value has already been a key part of crafting our future go-to-market plans and focussing in on designing signature moments in the product experience. It felt like we had a partner who was helping to bring the best out of our people and team rather than delivering something for us that we weren't part of creating… being able to work on a short value proposition together has helped us feel more confident in our product and how it solves our users problems.

    Bradley Taylor
    Bradley Taylor Co-founder of Bridge

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Leah Bridge is owner of The Golden Goose Consulting and online men’s gift store, Navy Crockett. She is an Australian Brand Strategist & Brand Consultant with over 10 years’ experience working alongside entrepreneurs to uncover the gold in their businesses so they can proudly strut their stuff and attract attention from the consumers they care about most.

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