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Thursday 23/11 at 10.30am
(Sydney, Melbourne)

how to clear your mind sh*t so you can create a powerful brand & take over the world!

14 lessons to crack through those next level fears

  • It’s Time To Forgive Yourself
  • It’s Time To Get Clear On Your Vision
  • It’s Time To Commit to Your Vision
  • It’s Time To Connect To Your Mission
  • It’s Time To Stop Comparing
  • It’s Time To Let Go Of What “They” Think
  • It’s Time To Ditch Excuses
  • It’s Time To Make Friends With Fear
  • It’s Time To Create A New Normal
  • It’s Time To Know Your Zone of Genius
  • It’s Time To Get Your Focus Back
  • It’s Time To Release Feeling Like You SHOULD Know This
  • It’s Time To Ditch DIY & Start Asking For Help
  • It’s Time To Jump

about leah.

Leah Bridge is owner of The Golden Goose Consulting and online men’s gift store, Navy Crockett. She is an Australian Brand Strategist & Brand Consultant with over 10 years’ experience helping gusty business leaders transition to their BEST self by launching a promotable brand that truly represents the heart & vision of the company. She is also a domestic violence survivor and passionate advocate.

Leah Bridge Brand Strategist
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