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why me?

  • 14+ years in the branding industry;
  • 8+ years in business (clearly older than I look);
  • Worked alongside both small biz and corporate businesses; helping them kick butt and differentiate;
  • My custom brand strategies have been tried and tested in many different industries;
  • I believe in branding/rebranding for the last time! All of my strategies have one big goal – to give you a flexible brand that you love, that lasts;
  • I have the most adorable dog named Watson 😀 (clearly the #1 reason)

what can you & your team do for me?

  • make you irresistible to your dream clients
  • create an authentic and impactful brand that you LOVE
  • nail your USP & brand message
  • brand or rebrand your business
  • name or rename your business
  • brief and liaise with graphic designers, copywriters, website developers
  • provide logo design, graphic design, copywriting, web developing
  • define your brand – it’s personality, identity and values
  • project feedback, accountability and support
  • brand strategy or rebrand strategy
  • position your company so you’re the obvious choice
  • help you overcome fear and self-doubt
Leah Bridge Brand Consultant

who i work with

Strong, driven business owners –

who LOVE what they do,

who have HUGE goals and dreams (even if it scares them),

who work hard and play hard,

who want to grow an authentic, values-driven business,

who are in an up-level phase in their business
(investing in experts to help them get there),

who want to be the next big thing (the expert!),

who are committed to creating their own future,

and are ready to take the next step to change the world.

who i don’t work with


who’s in it to make a quick buck,

who doesn’t have a solid business idea they can implement on,

who isn’t passionate about what they do,

who doesn’t have big hairy goals,

who feels like they’re always the victim,

have to ask hubby’s permission to spend money on the biz,

who is incredibly indecisive.

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