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You’re a little curious about how we can work together, eh?

Does this sound like you?

  • Struggle to articulate your value to clients
  • Feel like you blend in with your competitors
  • Are attracting clients who don’t value you
  • Need to learn how to speak your client’s language
  • Want to create a cult-brand with a loyal following
  • Need to package up “You” or perhaps the “New You”
  • Want to feel confident in yourself and your offering
  • Are transitioning to new products or services
  • Or if you just don’t even know where to start..
Brand Strategy | Company Naming The Golden Goose Consulting

walk away with


Decisions make or break a business. Just like a rocket – your decisions take you in a particular direction. Clarity is imperative for brand brilliance so you can make the RIGHT decisions, ensuring your brand lands with the biggest impact possible.


Confidence in your brand feels like the way you walk when you wear your favourite pair of heels (boys – your fav suit!). You walk taller and feel like you can conquer the world because you know the image you’re putting out there represents you well.


A brand that aligns with your values rather than your service offering is one that feels like it fits. When your brand is authentically you it’s perfectly imperfect and you have a platform for vulnerability and connection to dream customers.


If you’ve ever craved bigger and better customers, you need to become more magnetic to them. A brilliant brand increases the desire your customers have for what you offer. Not just any old customers – the RIGHT customers – your dream customers!

my process.

Through clear and concise brand strategy, The Golden Goose helps you translate your vision into a magical reality. Enjoy the processes I have spent years developing which involve:

  • Taking time out to understand the heart of your company
  • Asking the right questions
  • Analysing and correcting inconsistencies
  • Carving your brand story
  • Creating the action-plan strategy
  • Tying it all together in a neat bundle so it’s understandable and actionable

This produces a clear way forward for both you and anyone on your team (graphic designers, web developers and designers, copywriters etc).

how we can work together.

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Brand Strategy

1:1 Brand Clarity Coaching

Business Naming

The Last Rename eCourse

Luxury Business Naming package – done for you

 how i work.

I’d love to share a little about HOW I work so you can get a sense on whether or not I’d be a good fit for your project.

I love my job. Like, really love my job. This is good news for you! Happy workers means productivity and excitement! My passion and excitement rubs off.

I’m no fluff because I love results. Unless it’s about Ryan Gosling – then, well, maybe..

I work with you where you’re at. Some of my clients have struggled with fear about change and playing a bigger game. They have imposter syndrome. They have shiny object syndrome. They are shaking in their boots. I get it. I’ve been there too. I push a little and hug a little too.

I care way too much. There are times i wish I didn’t, but I do. This is good news for you too.

why me?

I’m focused on getting practical results for clients. I’ve:

Coached one of Australia’s top fashion bloggers to secure her brand direction and get clear on her brand messaging for her brand new eCommerce store.
Consulted with a high-level executive in IBM to translate and communicate her vision for her new businesses, as well as name her umbrella company.
Coached a client in the education industry to rename + rebrand a business that had previously failed, and is now a success!
Rebranded and renamed my own business while lifting rates to over 4 times what they used to be.
… and helped countless clients come out of hiding, stop playing the small game and step into the shoes of the person they’ve always wanted to be!

I’ve been working with and on brands for 10 years, weaving my magic wand to create loyal brand lovers and unique, authentic brands.

A strong brand speaks to the heart of your dream customers. A brand that speaks to the heart of your dream customers is a brand that loves to romance their customers.

A brand that romances their customers creates loyal brand lovers.

Creating loyal brand lovers is an art.

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