a brand you won’t promote is a brand that’s holding you back

we help driven entrepreneurs confidently promote themselves by articulating their value & essence into an authentic brand 

& stop leaving 5-figure marketing opps on the table!

  • I engaged Leah as my Brand Strategist before the launch of my online store The Con-nection to advise how we could attract and connect with our dream customers. I had no idea just how in-depth branding is and couldn't have imagined tackling it all without Leah's help. She's magic! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs to stand out and make a massive impact in their industry. We now feel incredibly confident in communicating our core brand messages to our dream customers, we feel as if our brand is really "us" and we are happy with how we are positioned in the busy fashion/retail space which has created some exciting opportunities for us!

    Nadia Bartel
    Nadia Bartel The Con-nection & The Chronicles of Nadia
  • Far out, a new brand gives your business new life! You can quote me on that.

    Sonia Cuff
    Sonia Cuff The Missing Chair
  • She is incredibly supportive, "gets you and where you're at", you can share anything with her and she will make sure you stay on track, whatever you need. Her ability to keep things simple is refreshing and her creativity is beautiful. Before I worked with Leah I was going around in circles about my new business name and brand trying to appeal to everyone and anyone. I was also wasting valuable time that I could have been working with my clients. Previously, I had just used my name but I was starting a brand new venture of corporate yoga and yoga therapy and felt out of my depth with the brand. I now have a business name and brand I am confident with and feel very proud of. I love seeing people's faces when they see my business card and ask me more about it. It's such a great ice-breaker. I can't recommend Leah enough.

    Louisa Caine
    Louisa Caine The Pause Before
  • Since I repositioned my brand with Leah’s help, I’m attracting dream clients who see me as an expert in my field. Big clients like Seed Heritage. Clients who want someone experienced in fashion!

    Camilla Peffer
    Camilla Peffer Camilla Peffer Copywriting
  • Before working with Leah I would mumble my business name under my breath and cringe every time I needed to spell my email address over the phone and was swimming in a bunch of ideas! The work I did with Leah gave me the confidence, the brand and the marketing speak to apply for a 80k project tender and secure a 5k government grant. I also had sales enquiries within MINUTES of the relaunch and am getting real traction with selling my new retreat. Backing myself has been so much more valuable in other areas of the business. If you are considering the coaching, I wouldn’t second-guess the value because it’s totally worth doing it.

    Kylah Morrison
    Kylah Morrison Maverick Effect
  • I remember meeting a new client and when I told him my business name and handed my business card to him. It lost me so much ground that it took 2 months to regain that trust and respect because he didn’t realise what my experience and expertise was because the brand didn’t match what we do. Now, I don’t have to work so hard to get them to sign that contract and start working with us - they see us as experts, they trust the brand, they trust in us.

    Kylie Short
    Kylie Short MagnifyUp

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