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You’re probably thinking
“..which box do I put you in?”

We get it.
You’re trying to understand us.. but this is what you need to know:

We don’t fit or belong in a box (and neither do you).

(damnnn… nobody puts baby in the corner!)

There is no label you could place on us. We are incomparable.
And we’ll teach you how to be incomparable too. 

So what is it that we do?

We liberate established coaches and consultants to live in their full potential by building an impactful business they LOVE, helping them to finally earn what they deserve and feel damn proud of themselves!

We use a magically unique mix of both business strategy with brand strategy and psychology to get our clients kick-arse results and confidence.

it starts with YOU

We ultimately don’t believe a new logo or colour palette will change anything for the business owner who doesn’t like their business anymore. We believe the issues run deeper than that, and deeper issues need a deeper fix to transform you into the expert you were born to be.

everyone has something unique to offer the world

We call this your magic. Whether you see the world in a different way, or you’re multi-passionate and bring a unique blend of skillsets to get your clients amazing result; it’s up to you to get your magic to the people who need you most. It’s about making a difference and an impact.

We believe in authentically promoting yourself

You don’t need to turn into someone you’re not – some Sleazy Mc Marketer, turning your brag up full volume – in order to persuade high-paying dream clients of the unique value you offer.

We don’t believe in settling.

If you’ve convinced yourself you’re okay with small, when secretly you’re kicking yourself because you’re not reaching your full potential, this is for you. You don’t need to feel disappointed in yourself for one more day, you don’t need to settle for mediocre. If you want more, go get more.

Are You Ready?

If you’re READY to grab your next level with both hands and stop wasting your full income and impact potential, click here to watch our free Signature Masterclass training

leah bridge the golden goose consulting


I’m Leah Bridge, founder of The Golden Goose Consulting. We have been serving our impact-driven, entrepreneurial clients for over 10 years in the business and brand strategy space. Yep. When I first started out in business I owned a FAX MACHINE (I was so proud of that damn thing).

Some things you need to know about me:

  • I’ll be the one in your corner with you, fighting for what you want.
  • I will ALWAYS tell you the truth, because with truth we can create true change.
  • I know what it’s like to live through pain, struggle and hardship – I have had auto-immune health issues, cPTSD, divorce, domestic violence – and STILL come through the other side. NONE of these are a valid excuse for you (or me) to not step up and live in our purpose.
  • I deeply, deeply care about the success of our clients. But you need to want your success more than I do.
  • I LOVE what I do.
  • My big impact goal is to set up a NFP that’s fully funded by my business(es) to help smart women recover from abuse, understand their worth and live their purpose.

Hang around me long enough, and you’ll definitely start to believe in yourself, which will cause you to feel confident to do the things that you’ve never done (but have always wanted to). No more regrets!!

Click below to watch our free Signature Masterclass to get started.

My team and I can’t wait to help you step up as the best version of you to live your full income and impact potential!

Leah x

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