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Introducing Lisa Watson – Sydney’s female auctioneer extraordinaire.

Lisa has recently embarked on a unique and rather large online campaign incorporating video and social media to sell a multi-million dollar property in Sydney’s Kyle Bay. What sparked my interest in the campaign was not only the move away from traditional media to advertise the property, but the use of video and real people in an emotional driven campaign to sell a home rather than a house. I asked Lisa to fill us in on the story behind the campaign.

What was the problem you found with the way properties were being sold by traditional agents?

In Kyle Bay there had been a handful of comparable properties come on the market with a price and then sit there on the market for ages, I would watch the price continue to drop in a desperate attempt to find a buyer.

When you see a property go from one agent to another agent and they keep doing the same thing, the same thing that’s not working you have to say HANG ON, STOP, it’s not working, try something new.

I knew if I was going to work on this home (Kyle Bay) then I would want a campaign that was extraordinary and nothing less.

I want to excite & engage buyers, I’m trying to build a bridge between the buyers and the property to make it easy for them to buy. I did this by tapping in to the emotions that we wanted prospective buyers to feel – particularly that it was a home rather than just a house.

Which specific emotions would you say were lacking in traditional real estate campaigns?

I think that the campaigns lacked “real life” if that makes sense. There is so much more to a home than what you see in empty photos. Another example, a video we did in Lugarno (Pre-Auction Video and The Buyers Comments on the Campaign) shows kids toys on the floor & messy rooms, buyers loooved it, they can relate to it, the buyers said, “We saw the owners and the love they had for the house, the good times they?d had and we liked it.”

When purchasers are looking for their next home, they not only care about the quantity of rooms and bathrooms, but they need to imagine themselves living there, the lifestyle that they could achieve by owning that particular home. Usually, if they fall in love with a home then they are willing to compromise on what was their initial checklist of must haves to achieve the lifestyle dream..

 How did you fill this void?

..which lead to our decision of incorporating the current owners in the property marketing campaign. We have shown buyers how they are going to love this home and like I said in the video, “don’t take my word for it, come and meet the owners”. Buyers were able to share this video with their kids and friends and family. They were able to watch the current owners relaxing, entertaining and living practically in the space.

It fills the curiosity of wondering how the previous owners used the space, it creates a teensy bit of jealousy and helps develop an emotional attachment to the property. I want what they?ve got!

Can you tell us about the campaign?

We created a website this is the base; where buyers can watch the video, check out the floor plan and click on links to different social media platforms.

I knew the video would be the real heart of the campaign which showed the family living in and enjoying the home. I still love it and so do buyers. The video link and website was also advertised on the sign out the front of the property. Everything leads back to the website which is home to the video.

Usually marketing campaigns show strong traffic at the beginning and then traffic slowly declines over 4 weeks. I made sure that each week was STRONG and we pushed hard. We slowly released videos (a total of 3 were made) and we pushed with a strong social media campaign using Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. A meet-the-vendors open house was held in Week 3 to explain the high tech inclusions and the build. The extraordinary experience continued in house, we played a short video in the Cinema Room explaining the smart technology – we even customized a music soundtrack for the open!


Did the social campaign attract any unusual attention?

At the time the property sold, the video had been viewed about 2300 times.

We had comments across the board – particularly on Twitter and were even featured in The Sunday Telegraph because of the unique nature of the campaign.

“Some absolutely beautiful next-level property video from Australia” – Michael Shadbolt, Director of Interactive Product & Marketing for The Corcoran Group in the US.

“Great to see a bit of disruptive marketing in the property world. Look forward to seeing more.” Carrie Kwan Daily Addict @dailyaddict

Where did you get the idea to innovate in an age-old industry?

About 10 or so years ago around the same time I sold my brothers and parents home, this is before internet marketing and I designed a sign from scratch and included pictures of the kids enjoying the home/backyard. I’ve always thought it just made sense. I can remember wanting to do a live open house like we are a fly on the wall at someone’s Sunday Barbie, but really that would be uncomfortable, video has allowed us to do it without intruding. Technology has made it much more exciting now. Homes are much more interesting with people in them.

What were the results of the campaign?

We got what we wanted – BUYERS and the property SOLD for a good price in about 45 days. I also lost a lot of sleep.

The Buyers feedback is encouraging, even the bloopers video which was really just a gift for our vendors and a bit of fun was well received. Buyers also commented at the opens that they felt they already knew me.


Wow, thankyou Lisa for sharing such powerful insights into such an innovative campaign! Looking forward to hearing more on your marketing efforts for other properties.

The way of selling in ‘the future’ was based on emotion. That future is now. How can you assist your customer in developing an emotional connection to you and your brand or product?

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