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Survival Kit

Well, we did it. Successfully carried ourselves across the line from 2011 to 2012!

With the excitement of new beginnings, thrilling adventures and fabulous new opportunities, we pondered the direction that we wanted to take The Golden Goose and figured our clients would be doing the same so began brainstorming client gift ideas.

How could we help them gather and filter their thoughts? How could we provide them with motivation and inspiration as they begin to plot their direction for this new chapter of their lives and business? How could we express our gratitude to them for bringing their projects to The Golden Goose in 2011 while wishing them a fabulous 2012?

Here’s how. Would love to know what you think!

Twenty Twelve card: “Thrive with Gumption” – personalised message to each of our lovely clients.
Cookie: “C is for cookie” Lindt Chocolate: “Bliss”
Sweet Basil Seeds: “Plant Me” Be sweet, distinct & hardy.
Cocktail Umbrellas: “Ahoy!” Block out 2 weeks in your diary between now and November (2012!!!). Book a well deserved holiday at a gorgeous destination. It’s amazing what it will do for your ideas, strategies and motivation. Do it!
Sparklers: “Light Me Up” …your business should brighten up those that are around you.
Madame Flavour Pear, Jasmine & Green Tea: Add some exotic to the everyday.
Kool Mints “Eat Me”: Be Fantastically Refreshing
Pouch filled with New Year Sparkles

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