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Do you ever catch yourself constantly updating and tweaking your website?
Have you had more than two logos designed for your business?
Do you feel continuously unsatisfied with what you’re putting out there?
Considering a rebrand… again!?

When you catch yourself feeling like this and doing these things they are a symptom of a bigger problem.

You don’t know who you are

When you don’t know who you are as a brand you find it incredibly difficult to create things like your website. Constantly updating the website is a symptom of not knowing who you are.

You’ll also find that your About Page is one of the things that drives you most crazy because you sit there not knowing what to write, or not knowing how to brief you a copywriter or give her the feedback she needs to keep moving forward.

You are jealous of your competitors

Being jealous of your competitors is something a lot of people say to me when we first jump on the phone and begin to explore the idea of working together (if they’re honest!! haha). The only solution here is to create something you’re incredibly proud of so that you’re so focused on YOUR stuff instead of drooling over someone else’s.

It’s like feeling jealous of someone who has a fitter body than you. How do you stop being jealous? You get out there and pound the pavement and create something YOU are proud of.

You don’t feel confident in what you’re putting out there

If you don’t feel confident in what you’re putting out there, of course you are going to keep tweaking it because you are trying to get it right!

The thing is you need to realise is that if you still aren’t satisfied with it after tweaking it 10 times, there’s a bigger problem. In this scenario how many times will it take for you to be satisfied? I believe that if you have done that much tweaking and not arrived at a conclusion or end result that you are actually happy with? It’s time to speak to a professional brand consultant (like me) to help unblock whatever it is that is keeping you stuck.

The best way to get different, or better results is to actually do something different so if you are constantly tweaking and it’s just you, your same brain, with your same knowledge then you are only going to get so far!

You’re a mad procrastinator

Hands up if you know you’re a chronic procrastinator?

Procrastination can come out in a whole host of ways, but one of them is constantly updating your website. So if you ARE actually proud of your brand and you KNOW what you’re putting out that it is amazing and you are still constantly tweaking your website, THEN you are more likely having a problem with procrastination.

The cure for this is to find out exactly where your procrastination is coming from this generally looks like analysing exactly what it is that you’re avoiding. More than likely it’s will be something that scares you and across amazing is your way of saying small and avoiding the thing that you know if you should be doing. When I catch myself procrastinating I try to think about the results that I will achieve if I do push through the fear.

Hope that helps!

Leah x

4 Reasons Why You Obsessively Tweak Your Website | The Golden Goose Consulting | Brand Consultant


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