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When I first started my business, I wasn’t prepared for how embarrassed I would feel about my own brand and business name.
Before The Golden Goose was The Golden Goose, the same business was called “Inkblot” **shudder**. Like so many entrepreneurs I dove into business head-first without thinking too much about the name and the consequences of choosing something that meant so little to both myself and my dream clients.
To spread the word about my startup I attended many networking events in Sydney, and back then being a 24 year old from the Central Coast I felt so small.
Not because I was ashamed of myself, or where I was from, or that I didn’t know my stuff, or that I felt inadequate in myself as a person, and not because anyone made me feel small.
I felt small because my brand was too small.
Too small for the business I knew was underneath.
Too small for the magic I possessed that I knew would help so many.
I felt small because I knew the externals of my brand didn’t match the internals.
I felt small because I could see I was attracting the wrong type of client (and had several complete energy-sucking clients who I’d prefer never to think of again!).
I felt small because my dream clients were not giving me a second glance.
I felt small because I knew the image I put out there just didn’t remotely compare to my competitors.
As a result of this ‘smallness’ I had to work harder. Much harder.
Harder to get noticed.
Harder to stand out.
Harder to be remembered.
Harder to create a lasting impression.
Harder to create connection and trust.
I had it all wrong.
About 6 months into business I had a brainwave.
Seeing as though it made me so miserable, why not change it?
Why not create a killer-brand, rename my business something that I loved and create something I was proud to shout from the rooftops?!
I’ve gotta tell you, it was as liberating as ditching that stupid boyfriend who you know deep-down is bad for you but you keep him around for no good reason!
Your name, your brand, your branding should all make you feel tall.
They should all make you feel like you’re the king/queen of your space.
Like you would be proud as punch to show your business card to Prince Harry.
Like you wouldn’t flinch when giving your elevator pitch to Harvey Specter.
I’m launching a big game-changing thing really soon (actually, several big things, but only one is really soon!).
It’s for those who know they can do better.
Who know they were made for better.
For those who know what they have doesn’t fit you.
Or perhaps it’s too boring and you want to stand out more.
Either way, keep your eyes peeled.
What Bad Branding Feels like | The Golden Goose Consulting

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