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Are you just too close to it to be able to sell yourself properly?

You might want to SCALE your business.. and scale authentically.
You might want to launch an ecourse or book.
You might want to score that TedX talk and grow your authority.

None of which you can do without proper PERSPECTIVE to be able to SELL yourself effectively.

We’re often TOO CLOSE to see:

  • How brilliant we are
  • How to communicate it to the right people
  • How to communicate our VALUE
  • What our blind spots are
  • How we’re perceived by dream clients

In the free recording I’ll chat you through:

>> By tweaking these things you’ll increase and maximise your business impact
>> How being too close to it means you’re not able to sell yourself effectively and powerfully
>> The ONE word that’s adding too much pressure on you that you have to eradicate from your vocabulary!
>> What you need to be able to fix this today so you can effectively grow your business and impact.

Click here for the direct link (you’ll need to group to see the video)

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