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Attention isn’t just about being noticed, you know.

It’s about being interesting.
Considered relevant.

Old school marketing says SHOUT the loudest.
And hope that someone who hears the noise will buy.

Modern marketing says be interesting, engaging, relevant.
And target those who you are really truly helpful and relevant to.
Who you can help the most, and make the biggest impact for.

You can have the biggest, brightest signage in the whole damn world – let’s say FLURO PINK – but, does that mean customers are going to flood through the doors?


It’s the hard sell vs the pre-sell.
Chasing rather vs being intriguing.
Lost in a crowd vs being sought after.

I think that we can agree that being interesting, relevant, important, worthy and engaging, doesn’t happen by accident.

In order to be interesting, relevant, important, worthy and engaging, you need to have a solid strategy behind you.

Strategy that gets your dream audience thinking and feeling about you in a certain way.

Those thoughts and feelings are your brand.

You can harness them in a truly powerful way in your business.

If your brand isn’t getting you the attention you crave;
If your brand isn’t attracting and engaging bigger and better clients;
If your brand isn’t relevant and you know your dream customers don’t see you as engaging and worthy;

It’s time to ask yourself –

Do you attract and hold THE RIGHT attention?

Or do you spend a lot of time shouting – pulling awkward stares, but getting no real traction?


It's no longer good enough just to get your brand noticed | Brand Strategy | The Golden Goose Consulting

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