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I get asked this ALLLLL the time – “How do I know how much of myself I should share in my business, online?”.

It can be hard to know just how much of yourself to share online – especially if you’re a private person!

what’s the point?

Let’s take a look at the purpose of sharing yourself: your dream clients want to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

They’re more likely to buy from you if they feel like you’re their type of person. If you share their values, if you have qualities they admire, if they admire your journey. If they connect with your cause. If it motivates them when you express your passion for what you do and why you do it.

Knowing what to share, then, is a bit like being an onion. Onions have layers 

how much of myself to share online


  • You might share how many kids you have, but not photos or their names (“Miss 7” etc). 
  • You might share that you live in Australia and love coastal walks, but not your suburb (you can tag an area near you on social media rather than your suburb).
  • You could share where you’ve been (coffee at your favourite cafe), but post the location and photo after you have left.
  • You could share you have health issues, but not the fact that you have a cancer diagnosis.

this is how you map it out..

??This really needs to be decided in the container of WHO you’re serving (Dream Clients), and WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.

1. Work out just WHO you’re talking to 

The first step is looking at who you’re target audience is, getting super specific about them so you know how to talk to them, and working out what they need to hear from you in order to connect to them.

2. Work out what you’re willing to share

Do your own Onion Diagram – work out what you are and aren’t willing to share of yourself, your business and your life.

3. Dip your toe in the water

Choose a platform and start sharing yourself, get used to video, get used to the vulnerability. 
?I highly recommend that you choose ONE platform and begin there. You don’t need to go crazy! If you’re awkward on video – Instagram Stories are a GREAT way to start – plus they disappear after 24 hours and you can prevent certain people from watching them.

You might even find that you enjoy it and want to share more of your layers! You never know ;)??

and for the introverts amongst us…

I’m the kind of introvert who works from Monday to Friday without realising she hasn’t left the house or interacted with anyone except for clients through Zoom since Sunday night the week before. #truestory

For me to “share” myself online, it was incredibly daunting. I didn’t want to share because of what people might think of me.
Then I had someone ask me –
“If this is the ONE thing that makes all the difference to you building your business and up-levelling, and hitting your goals – would you do it?”
Of COURSE I would!
So I started. I started small, but I started. And you can too!

?Ultimately – your business, you choose! But do SOMETHING that helps your audience connect to you.

Leah x


how much of myself should I share online? | Brand strategy

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