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What Is A Niche Authority?

Niche authority is MASTERY of your niche.

Mastery of that thing you do best, to whom you do it best.

When you are the master, you are the GO-TO PERSON for your thang.

You are the person to whom people look to for OPINION. INNOVATION. LEADERSHIP.

Why Would I Want To Be An Authority?

So why would you want to be the go-to person for your thang!?

More customers.
More opportunities.
A stronger business.
Freedom. Flexibility.
More time sun-baking on a beach in Maui (erm… yes please!!!!).
More time doing whatever the heck you want!

With a bit of know-how, and alot of hustle, you can be an authority in your niche, placing you miles ahead of the competition.

You ready!?

How To Be An Authority In Your Niche

  1. BE the master.
    To be seen as an authority, you actually need to BE one. Know your stuff!
  2. Use PR to your advantage.
    PR is a great way to get more exposure for authority in your niche.
  3. Get professional branding so you’re taken SERIOUSLY.
    In order to be taken seriously you need to be seen to take yourself seriously. This flows through your social media, blog posts and website.
  4. PROVE your knowledge.
    Blog/vlog about it often to show that you actually DO know what you’re talking about.
  5. Be a thought-LEADER.
    Not only should you prove your knowledge, you also need to lead with opinion and innovation in order to inspire others.
  6. CARE for those that need your help.
    A true authority cares for those who aren’t getting their niche right.
  7. Testimonials from happy customers showing RESULTS.
    Another way to prove your knowledge is to let your customers show off the results you helped get them. Testimonials is a ripper way to do this!
  8. Keep LEARNING.
    A master continues to learn. They push themselves to even greater greatness and mastery of their niche. Books, conferences, webinars… you name it!
    Those who have authority, innovate – see the winds changing and change first. Push the boundaries. Disrupt the market.

Have I missed any? 😉

If you would love to find out how, through brand strategy, you can use your BRAND to show AUTHORITY in your niche, so you can be taken seriously and make the most of those opportunities, get in touch! I’d love to see if/how I can help. Leah x
How To Be An Authority In Your Niche - Brand Strategy with The Golden Goose Consulting

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