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Before we work together, so many of my clients come to me saying that they’re not proud of what they’re putting out there.

Being proud of what you put out there isn’t just what your brand LOOKS like. It’s more about what it FEELS like – to you, your dream audience, and your employees, investors and suppliers.

The thing is, your brand can look absolutely amazing but if something feels a little off it will be because it doesn’t align with your core brand values.

What Does It Feel Like?

It’s like dating a hot guy that looks great, but doesn’t have much of a personality – something feels off even though it looks amazing haha!!

Just like the hot guy with zero personality, the whole vibe of your brand is can feel off, even though it may look amazing.

When everything you do as a business (as well as what you look like as a business), aligns to your core brand values – things will begin to fall into place and flow more readily and consistently.

Decision-making becomes simple as you know clearly which will align with the way you do business.

Customers will more naturally be attracted to your values because it will align with what they believe too.

You will be putting out a clear and consistent message about who you are and what makes you tick.

When you’re clear and consistent, and your message is consistent across the board, and your look and feel aligns to your values, you will behave in a way that your dream customers expect and anticipate. This builds trust.

Again, this is like dating a guy before you marry him. If you see inconsistencies in his behaviour (nice to you in front of people, a different person behind closed doors) it is a huge red flag that should say RUN FORREST, RUN!!!

When your behaviour as a brand feels inconsistent to others they will trust you less.

What’s The Remedy?

The remedy for this is to align everything in your business back to those core values from the look of your website, to the usability of the website, to languaging on in your newsletter and the attitudes of your staff to your customers.

And not just so that you can win over new customers, but so you can win over yourself and feel proud of what you’re putting out there!

Feeling confident in what you’re putting out there and feeling proud of what you’re putting out there, comes from knowing – a deep gut-feeling – that everything that you’re putting out there aligns with who you are. When you are trying to be someone else this is exactly where the process falls down and you don’t feel proud of what you’re putting out there.

For example:

If you know you can do better.
Or if what you’re putting out there doesn’t feel like you.
Or if what you’re putting out there feels too safe and you know you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.

And we know that when we aren’t pushing ourselves hard enough (for example), that is a statement or a behaviour that doesn’t align to our core values and therefore will make us CRINGE when we put our stuff out there because we know (deep down) that it doesn’t align with who we are.

So then, how do we feel proud of what we are putting out there?

  1. Discover your core values.
  2. Align everything to your core values.
  3. Trust your instincts.
Brand values are just one of the elements of a powerful brand. 
How To Show The World A “You” You’re Proud Of | Brand Consultant | The Golden Goose Consulting

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