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The Secrets To Create A Brand That Fits

Ever feel as if there is a huge difference between your vision for your business and what you and your customers experience as realityBy now you will have been in business a few years, and you’ve done exactly what every other business owner has –

You start your business;

  • you need a logo – you find a graphic designer
  • you need a website – you see a web developer
  • you need website copy – you hire a copywriter
  • you need to get your name out there – you engage a marketer

Check, check, check!

Except there is an unmistakable lack of authenticity surrounding how your original vision has been rolled out – as if a critical part of your vision has been lost in translation, and it has!

There is often a gaping hole created when crucial foundational brand stepping stones are missed. The difference between your vision and reality. The difference between you and your customers feeling ‘meh’ and falling in love.

You’ll find it somewhere between you clearly communicating your vision, the consultant understanding that vision and your consultant translating that vision in a concise way.

Brand Vision To Reality Infographic | The Golden Goose Consulting | Brand Consultant

If there is a difference between Your Vision and Your Reality, you will:

  • be feeling ‘meh’ about your brand
  • feel unsatisfied with one of the following – your business name, your logo, other design work or your business card/letterhead/website
  • be unable to clearly communicate to consultants to brief them on projects
  • hate being asked about your business name or brand story

However the results of a well-aligned brand speak for themselves!

You will:

  • LOVE the brand you have envisioned
  • excited about going to work in the morning
  • be able to effectively communicate with customers
  • be able to effectively communicate with consultants have an understandable brand strategy in place
  • be clear on what your brand represents have a clear set of brand values that dictate your brand’s actions
  • have excellent flow-through of your brand values in their customer experience.

I’ll explain each step below.


You may not have yet articulated your vision, it might just be a vibe or a feeling you thought your brand would have.

Clearly communicating your vision – the heart and the soul of your brand – can be difficult. Choosing a brand consultant who has a similar communication style is imperative so they “get” you and what you mean. You must know what you’re aiming for, and an amazing brand consultant will be able to pull this out of you even if you don’t think you know what it is.



Taking the time to communicate your vision clearly may sound time-consuming, but it will save you time and money in the end! Sometimes we are great thinkers, but not such great explainers or writers. You can’t be good at everything 😉

When you can clearly communicate with your service providers – your graphic designers and copywriters etc – it makes the world of difference and means you have the ability to be concise with your message, vision and goals.

If you can’t clearly communicate or articulate your own vision, you may need some help with it – and that’s okay – that’s what the experts are there for!


Now is the time for your brand consultant to listen, understand and process. Your brand consultant will attempt to create your vision based on their skill-set and your communication. Experienced brand consultants will have techniques they use to pull it out of you. They will also be able to bounce your thoughts back to you in a different way so that you know that they understand you.


Your end result should be a mirror, an extension or a more fully developed concept based on your original vision. You should know exactly who you are as a brand, what your personality and vibe are, and what your messaging is and how to communicate that to the RIGHT people (your tribe) in a clear way.

Want to find out EXACTLY where your brand is holding you back?


The 4 Secrets To Create A Brand That Fits | Brand Consultant | The Golden Goose Consulting

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