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In 2009 when I launched my business now known as The Golden Goose, it wasn’t too hard to stand out. We had just seen a shift to an online space and not too many were capitalising on it. Those that capitalised on it, won. Easy peasy French fry.

This isn’t the case anymore. The internet and worldwide connectedness isn’t new. It’s rare to find a business that’s not online. It’s not so rare to be faced with worldwide competition.

Now you have to fight to be seen.
To be heard.
To be understood.
To survive.
To win.

If you’re struggling to stand out as an expert, it’s because there are a million other “expert” already all up in your grill. Yep. They’re cutting your grass and they don’t feel the least bit bad about it.

They’re winning your proposals.
They’re bagging your dream clients.
They’re enjoying a booked out week that excites the hell out of them.

But what are they doing that you aren’t?

They’re showing up, for one.
They’re owning their brilliance and aren’t afraid to share it with the world.
They’re not making excuses about how hard it is to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
They’re seeking out the experts who help them position themselves as the expert.
They sit with the hard questions that make them squirm like, “what makes you different?”.
They deep dive into what makes them uniquely them.
They crave authenticity.
They stay in their own lane.
They choose to see competition as an opportunity for change.
They choose to see the market as full of dream clients who need them so they step up into greatness.

What can you do about it?

You can continue to make excuses.
To look at your competitors and be filled with jealousy.
You can bury your head in the sand.
Getting the same old clients with the same old mindsets.
You can avoid the hard questions that are the very questions that will set you free.
You can continue in a place of overwhelm and let your competitors take you out.

Or you can do something about it.

If you brilliant at what you do.
If you are ready to step up and take control.
If you already have a good business, and good clients but you want a GREAT business with DREAM clients.
If you are ready to create a marketable masterpiece that you shout from the rooftops..

It’s time for us to chat.

Join my no BS, straight-talking game-changing webinar where I’ll step you through the 7 shifts you need to make in your business so that you stand out as the expert you are and your dream clients are attracted by your new vibe.

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See you in there!


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