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Hello Sparkle!

Are you considering a rebrand?

As business owners who have Shiny Object Syndrome (you damn well know who you are!), we can get a little trigger-happy when it comes to changing things up. This includes a rebrand.

I’m not the type of person who loves people to spend money unnecessarily. In small business when every marketing dollar counts, it’s time to assess whether a rebrand is actually necessary.

What is a rebrand? 

A rebrand is when you change the overall image and brand positioning of your business. This generally includes your logo and brand identity (colours, fonts etc) in order to position your business in a different way. One amazing reason to rebrand is to align yourself so that you are more attractive to your Dream Clients.

A rebrand is a great idea if you are ready for change. It’s a perfect idea if you are ready to pivot your business for whatever reason.

But a rebrand isn’t for everyone.. here is my checklist with my top 10 reasons why you SHOULDN’T rebrand your business.

1. You’re attracting amazing clients

You absolutely love love love working with the clients that you’re attracting! You find it rare that you cop a client who is troublesome and you also never attract time-wasters.

2. You are damn proud of what you do

You’re sprinkling your business cards around like they’re glitter at networking events. When you smile there’s a little sparkle that comes off your teeth like in an animated movie. You have your website open on your computer just because. You can’t WAIT to share your message to potential Dream Clients.

3. You know exactly how to explain your core message(s)

Speaking of message.. you can’t wait to share your message with your Dream Clients because it’s SO FREAKING AWESOME. You know exactly how you want to make people feel, you know how to emotionally connect and you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll whenever you need to, baby!

4. You cannot WAIT to give your elevator pitch!

Networking events and conferences are your FAVOURITE. You just want someone to ask you what you do so you can burst your well rehearsed elevator pitch and make them want to work with you. No nerves here, just awesomeness.

5. Your website is a Dream Client MAGNET

You couldn’t keep your Dream Clients away from your site if you wanted to! They LOVE your opt-ins. They cannot get enough of your blog.

6. You wear your brand heart on your sleeve

You aren’t scared of being vulnerable. You are happy to put yourself out there and you are so confident in who you are, what you do and how you do it that you smell like bravery.

7. Your customers are IN LOVE with you

They always comment on how amazing your site is. They cannot get enough of you, your product/service or your blog. They sign up for EVERYTHING that you run including webinars, workshops and ebooks. You have romanced them and they are ready for marriage, baby!

8. You feel like your brand COMPLETELY aligns with who you are and what you’re doing

Every morning when you wake up you just feel so amazingly blessed. You feel ready to tackle your day with the world’s best attitude because you know work feels more like play.

9. You feel fulfilled

You don’t have a desire to jump from one thing to another. You know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing because of how you feel.

10. You never get jealous of other brands, ever

Competitors? What competitors? You’re so excited about what you’re doing, you’re so fulfilled and happy with what you’re doing, you actually forgot there was such a thing as competitors!

If you aren’t sure if you’re ready for a rebrand, but know you don’t fit the top 10 criteria – let’s chat!

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