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I always advise my clients to be aware of competitors – know who they are, what their design work is like, who they’re pitching to, where they’re advertising – but when it comes to everything else?

They need to be ignored.

Pretend they don’t exist and it’s just you in front of your dream customers with your dream brand in your Zone of Genius.

Sometimes I catch new clients feeling sorry for themselves when it comes to their competitors: “but her work is so amazing”, “she has been around forever”, “she produces more content than I ever could”…

So what?

Don’t let this stop you from creating YOUR dream!
Don’t let this stop you from creating something you are proud of.

Just because someone else is doing an amazing job doesn’t mean you can’t!

If you’re sick of feeling jealous when it comes to your competitors, it’s time to step out of ‘victim’ mode and take ACTION! If you’re ready to create your dream brand, let’s chat!
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  • Kate @ Wondrous

    I am known for doing this, it’s a fine line between the two! Kate x

    • Leah Bridge

      So good to catch yourself doing it and refocus on more exciting, future plans for YOU! x

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