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Each week I’ll be teaching you how to BUILD an authentic brand that you feel 110% confident in.

And today I’m EXCITED to chat with YOU about the big question –

Is your brand holding you back?

And the juiciest part of all – what you need to do to stop it from holding you back.

I’ll be taking you through all this and more in this week’s episode!!!!

Feel free to watch the clip or keep reading below.

How can you even tell if your brand is holding back?

What does it look like? What does it feel like?

Imagine you’re about to run a race, you have your spandex on, you’re at the starting line, someone comes up behind you and wraps their arms around your waist. The man shoots the starter gun and you start running, but it’s bloody hard because they’re a dead weight.

  • What does it feel like?

It’s so hard to run. You get there slower. You’re far more tired at the finish line (if you even get there!). It’s frustrating because you’re not making the progress that you want.

A brand that doesn’t fit, feels the exact same way.

 I talk to dozens of entrepreneurs every month.
Do you have plans to expand and scale and KNOW you can’t because your brand doesn’t fit?
There is someone who will find this MORE frustrating >> driven entrepreneurs, love reaching goals, getting stuff done,
  1. Want exposure in top magazines
  2. Expert
  3. They don’t want to rebrand again
  4. They want to reach the next level and know their brand just won’t last the distance with their future vision

Symptoms Of A Brand Holding You Back

  1. You don’t want to talk about it
  2. You don’t want to SHOW anyone let alone promote it OR
  3. WORK HARDER – to get noticed/attention, to get traction
  4. POTENTIAL – Not reaching potential you KNOW you have. Know you can do better
  5. BIZ CHANGE – Pivoted, attracting different market, had ah ha moment and clearer on direction
  6. It doesn’t feel finished
  7. It doesn’t attract your future dream clients to your business
  8. You struggle to communicate your vision for the brand
  9. You know your image isn’t next level
  10. You want it to be “more” of something – more feminine, polished, confident, professional
  11. You don’t feel confident
  12. You know you’re missing out on sales and opportunities because of how you’re branded
  13. You don’t feel like you can compete with the “big boys” until this is done
  14. You know your brand won’t serve your future business in 5 years or 10 years

The NUMBER ONE REASON why you’re feeling like this after however many years you’ve been in business is because your BRAND no longer aligns to WHO YOU ARE.

NEED TO GET IT RIGHT – Before you move forward and make the same mistakes again.

The BIGGEST things to watch out for here is that you want to –

  1. You need to get it right the SECOND time round (or first! If you are a startup). The LEAST number of times you change something as fundamental as your brand and name, the more TRUST and BRAND EQUITY you will have built.
  2. SKIP the TRIAL AND ERROR – if you are the type of person that wants things done YESTERDAY. If you don’t have TIME to make mistakes or fuss around with it – you need to get it right!!!!

I’ve Been There

My own brand was holding me back.

The Golden Goose is 7 years old but when I launched it wasn’t called The Golden Goose.

It was called Inkblot Design Studio.

  • I hated it
  • Didn’t like the name
  • Didn’t love it
  • Wanted to hide it rather than promote it

All the reasons above that I’ve mentioned – that’s exactly how I felt about my brand!

I decided to rebrand – the results were huge because people were seeing me differently, my dream clients knew what I could do for them and how I could help them too.

The Solution?

  • Deconstruct brand to stop letting it happen again
  • Rebrand – change how people see your business (you need to have the strategy behind you!)
  • You make your customers feel AMAZING, but from the outside, new customers don’t ‘get’ that feeling

With the right tools you can BUILD an authentic brand that you feel 110% confident in and play a bigger game in your business!!!

Let me know if I can help YOU!

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