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Creating a brand is about creating a living, breathing experience for your Dream Customers that earns their trust, makes them fall in love and is memorable. You can read more about what a brand is here.

In order to create an amazing experience that makes your Dream Customer fall in love, you need to consider how your brand makes them feel and why they are purchasing from you.

As a Brand Coach, when I look at your brand, one of the things I review are the Masculine and Feminine traits of the brand. The traits are determined by very generalised masculine and feminine traits along with the dream customer target for the project or brand.

Masculine Brand Traits vs Feminine Brand Traits

I have outlined some of the traits for both gender brand types in the table below.

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Examples of Brand Gender Types

The opportunity to play in a global marketplace – for sparkly ladies like us! – is absolutely amazing, and it’s important that we realise the need to create strong brands that ooze character and personality.¬†Below I have provided some examples of each: Feminine Brands, Masculine Brands and Gender Neutral Brands.

Examples of a Feminine Brand includes: Victoria’s Secret, Dove, Barbie, Lorna Jane Active, Kikki K.

Examples of a Masculine Brand includes: Harley Davidson, Hugo Boss, Lynx, Jack Daniels.

Examples of Gender Neutral Brands include: Apple, Ikea, Coca Cola, Toyota.

The Golden Goose Brand Predictions

As genders become less traditional, the lines are blurred for that of femininity and masculinity. I expect this will have a major impact on the way brands are formed, badged and designed in the future. I expect customers will begin to transition to brands simply because they appeal to them as a person – their emotions and belief systems – rather than gender-specific brands.

Creating a clear brand personality for your brand is imperative for differentiating yourself – and being chosen – over your competitors. As we move further into gender neutrality, creating obvious brand personality will be key to a brand’s success.

Please note: these traits are extremely generalised, and are relating to brands only. I have no desire to be a part of a gender debate!

Comment: Is your brand a Masculine Brand or a Feminine Brand?


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