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Imagine if you loved to jog.

You get excited just thinking of the sound of your joggers pounding the pavement.
The fresh air in your lungs.

The headspace that is being freed up.
The nice burn in your muscles.
The sound of your heart pumping through your chest.
The way you’ll look in your new outfit when you reach your goal in a few weeks.

Every day you crack out the star-jumps (oh, maybe that’s just me #awkward), do your warmup stretches and hit the pavement.

You’ve barely left your driveway before the pain hits through your toes and heel.


You accidentally put on your old joggers.
The ones you wore when you were 16.
They’re a size or two too small and MAN OH MAN you can feel it.

You can keep running/hobbling/throbbing in the small joggers, absolutely.

But it’s going to be painful.
You’re going to get blisters.
And you will certainly not last the distance and miss the beautiful sunset as a result!

YOU KNOW they’re holding you back and you know you have to fix it before your next run.

A brand that DOESN’T FIT feels like this.

It doesn’t excite you.
It won’t last the distance.
It doesn’t HELP you on your journey, it only HINDERS it.

But the thing is, many entrepreneurs either –

A) don’t even recognise that they are hobbling around,
B) recognise it but then bury their head in the sand and happily miss out on the opportunities they could be easily grabbing.

You may want BIGGER and BETTER clients.
You may want to go from 500k to 1 Mil.
You may want to get more exposure in top magazines.
You may want your customers to see you how YOU see yourself.

No matter your goal, if you KNOW your brand is holding you back.. are you ready to do something about it?

If you want bigger clients to take you SERIOUSLY.
If you want to STAND OUT from the crowd.
If you want your dream clients to see you for the OUTSTANDING business you really are..

And you know something’s gotta give and you’re ready to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, get in touch. I’d love to see if/how I can help.

Leah x

What It Feels Like To Have A Brand That Doesn't Fit | Brand Consultant | the Golden Goose Consulting

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