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You did it!

You finally finished planning, writing and creating the world’s most amazing high-end program for your business. You can’t wait to launch it, and it feels awesome.

Now you need to go about branding it and you aren’t sure just where to start. How do you even brand a high-end program when you aren’t a brand strategist, or even a graphic designer?

As a brand strategist and coach – I live and BREATHE this stuff, so you’ve come to the right place to get the right branding info so you can move this thing forward and press the giant big green GO!! button.

Don’t Rush It

In your eagerness to launch it, don’t skip the important branding steps.

I know it can be tempting. I know it has taken you a million years to write, and you’ve had to jump over alot of self-doubt and intense fear to get you here today. I know. I get it.

But in your haste to make money and launch this amazing new high-end program into the world – don’t let that hinder getting yourself the best results possible from your launch!

The Secret To Anything High-End

Actually – the secret to selling anything at all!!


Prove its VALUE, overwhelmingly so.

Your clients are paying you for a result. For an outcome. What’s in it for them if they purchase this program? What do they get? And I’m not talking about x number of 1:1 consults either!

When you buy anything high-end, you expect to be treated as a VIP! So don’t forget to add in little VIP benefits – this might be a bonus 1:1 strategy session from you, their course materials printed, bound and posted to them at  no extra charge, or a goodie bag. Whatever it is – think deeply into making your program as well-rounded as possible so your clients feel as special as possible.


Why should I buy your program over anyone else’s?
What can you do for me that Betty from Company XYZ can’t?

It needs to be as clear as a beautiful diamond that if Customer Y decides to work with you they’ll be getting an amazing level of service or an amazing amount of benefits that they potentially can’t find elsewhere.

Emotional Tug

The key here is to pull at the heart-strings. Speak directly to the heart and soul of your client – particularly when writing your copy.

They need to know – without a doubt – that this program is for them! That this is what they’ve been searching for.


Getting incredibly specific about the problem you’re solving and being incredibly specific with the solution makes a clear way forward for the client. In which way does it change their lives?

High-ticket programs can also take more of a responsibility for the results their clients are getting.

Branding and Brand Positioning

I love to ask the question – if your brand was an ice-cream in the freezer at your local supermarket – which would it be? The answer gives you a great amount of insight as to where the client perceives the value and positioning of the product they are selling.

If you are selling a high-end program – your ‘product’ will need to be positioned similarly to a high-end ice-cream. For example, a Magnum Ego (I think a little bit of drool just came out thinking about all the chocolate and caramel!). A Magnum Ego isn’t the cheapest ice-cream in the freezer. Now you want a Magnum. #sorrynotsorry #thepowerofmagnum


Your high-end program might not be like a Magnum Ego at all – it might be more like a boutique gelato that is only available at high-end restaurants. It might be an exclusive program. A program which is harder to find. A program that requires an application process.

Perception has a huge role in positioning and pricing. Some brands of cars, for example, will still get you from A to B, but they are a status symbol and statement about who you are and how much you’ve earned. Is your high-end program a status symbol?

Work out exactly where your program fits in the marketplace and position it perfectly for the dreamiest client to come along and nibble it up!


Which ice-cream are you in the ice-cream fridge? Pricing your program will be VALUE + POSITIONING = PRICE.

While lower ticket programs – less than 2k – are easier to explain to a customer, you may not necessarily have the same opportunity to holistically help your customer with maximum results.

For higher ticket high-end programs – 2k+
These will obviously require a much clearer value driver.
They will need to trust you more.
More evidence or social proof.
Will require a phone strategy session.

You might also decide to have a program at say, $1900 with a bonus VIP package upgrade for $2900 for select clients who meet your Dream Client criteria.

Your pricing will also link to your positioning (as above!).

Naming Your High-End Program

The power of a name lies with the instant impression it makes. The name of your high-end program (and business for that matter!) is more than just something to call yourself; it’s the first hook you use to attract business and it might just determine what someone does next. Do they call you? Or forget about you?

Coming up with creative names for your program can be tough, but most entrepreneurs and business owners make it ten times tougher by not laying some uber important branding groundwork as I’ve spoken about above. Skipping steps in laying the foundations to your brand in a rush to hit the road is the worst thing you can do, and usually ends up taking longer than if you had’ve done it properly from the beginning!

So! What does your name need to say about your program?

It needs to be unique. It needs to reflect your brand values. It needs to stand out. It needs to reflect the value and outcomes they’ll receive from doing the program. And most of all? It needs to speak to the heart of your customer and make him or her think “I WANT THAT NOW!”.


After having read all the above – you will probably now realise that your high-end program’s design work needs to be schmmiiiiiickkkk as!

Truly. The design work will really reflect your strategic brand positioning. It needs to be consistent with the messaging of your original brand. It will create clear flow through and authentic alignment with your brand values. It will help to build trust.

Your program’s design work always needs to reflect your brand values. For example if one of your brand values is “fun” then the imagery should exude this to show your infections high-energy attitude.

As always, all of these decisions need to take place within broader business and brand strategy.

Authenticity is best!

Be better than you were yesterday x



PS. ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, BABY!!!!! If you need some help naming or branding your high-end program so that it launches with maximum impact and maximum results for your clients too – jump over here, fill in the form and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

How To Brand Your High-End Program

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