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how to conquer your brand envy

Can’t stop thinking about that darn competitor who always has her crap together?
You know the one. How is it that she ALWAYS knows what to say and always looks so good?
How is it that she has 3 kids and runs a business that rocks too?
Why is her blog better than yours?
How is it that everything she does is like magic and everything you do feels as helpful as moss on a rock?
And that website she just launched, ain’t that just GRAND!?

Girl, if this sounds familiar you’ve got a BAD case of brand envy – and let me tell you – it ain’t pretty and it isn’t going to go away on its own.

The only way to cure brand envy is to make your brand just as kick-ass as hers. Wait, BETTER than hers.

How do we achieve this? Let’s give you a makeover!

1. Start With WHY

It’s time to rewind and get back to what the heck you’re doing. Take your focus of your competition and back onto you. We need to dig deeper to see what drives you and motivates you and energises you – in a positive way.

You see, dwelling on your competitor(s) can be damn toxic. You lose your focus and become a green little monster that would be better suited to living under a bridge rather than sitting at a desk. Renew your focus again, start with why.

Simon Sinek is the author of Start With Why, you can learn your WHY here. All my clients love it and often thank me for showing it to them! I’m sure you will too.

2. Realign Your Business

Once you know the main driver for everything you do, then look at your HOW and your WHAT.

Is how you do what you do and what you do flowing out from your WHY? Do you need to realign your business to your why?

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I recently read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. It’s an AMAZING book to read if you think you need a bit of a realignment! It looks at our Upper Limit Problem and our Zone of Excellence vs our Zone of Genius. You see, our Zone of Excellence is what we are good at, even amazing at. It’s what clients pay us for and it’s what clients love us for – but it isn’t out Zone of Genius. Our Zone of Genius is a much deeper, more connected and more personal space. It’s a space where you are completely YOU where you will feel most fulfilled.

Take time to consider your Zone of Excellence and your Zone of Genius. Which are you living in?

3. Renovate Your Business

If you are as green with envy as all get up, and you can’t stop thinking about your competitors, more than likely you are living in your Zone of Excellence. If you are living in your Zone of Excellence you’ll be acting like a frustrated artist who loves to paint but someone has hidden his paint brushes. It’s time to get out the paint brushes, lean into your fear and take the (big) leap into your Zone of Genius.

Chances are, you’re currently mad at your competitor because she is living in her Zone of Genius. But you know what? All it took was for her to give herself permission to operate in her Zone of Genius, so why can’t you? Why can’t you give yourself permission to operate in that space?

The Zone of Genius is made up of all the things you’ve always wanted to do. You know what I’m talking about, the things you’ve wished for, the places you’ve wanted to see, the little stationery store you’ve wanted to open, the tshirt design you’ve always wanted to create. Ponder these things, they’re the key to doing what you love!

You’ll now need to ask yourself some serious questions about your business.

Is it helping you live in your Zone of Genius? If not, how can you make it so? How can you “renovate” your business – even change the service style or product offering so you can live your life doing not just what you’re good at, but what you love? Doing what you love may mean starting another business altogether. It may mean taking a part time job, selling your current business just to focus on creating products and services you have always wanted to!

4. Lean In To The Fear

I can already feel the big changes that are going to take place for you. This is a scary journey, but it is GOOD fear, EXHILARATING fear, wouldn’t you agree? Exhilarating fear is fear that we need to lean in to, it isn’t the same as Lizard Brain fear that wants to protect us from the scary man in the dark elevator. Exhilarating fear is fear that you get when you’re about to bungee jump, or do something that you’ve always wanted to do for the first time, so lean in!

So far you’ve worked out your why, you’ve seen that you’re working from your Zone of Excellence and are feeling like a frustrated artist, you’ve looked to your Zone of Genius and are ready to leap forward.

5. Make A Plan

Unless you’re a gazillionaire, finances and life circumstances don’t always allow for us to chop and change what we’re doing in life. If you are living in your Zone of Excellence, chances are you’re feeling unfulfilled, but your Zone of Excellence business is your cash cow. I get it.

So make a plan. You know you’re at point A and you want to get to point B.

Don’t tell yourself you can’t afford it, ask yourself HOW you will afford it and make the jump.

Your future (less green) self will thank you for it!


You’ll feel:

  • excited to get out of bed in the morning
  • like a satisfied artist instead of a frustrated one
  • ready to tackle that next networking event
  • proud of your business
  • keen to hit the street showing off your new flyer
  • more aligned in your life

Want to chat to someone about your brand makeover? Or about your WHY? Choose a Brand Clarity Coaching session, I’ll sort you out!

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  • Julie Small

    Some great thoughts here. – I know I struggle with this being only 6 months in – thanks for the reminder that we are all on our own path

    • Leah Bridge

      Definitely worth working on – even at this point, Julie – you’ll find it so valuable! 🙂

  • Kate @ Wondrous

    Love this post, especially to start with the why and going back to getting excited about what you are doing, great way to get the mind ticking again! I’m a huge fan of number 4 lean into the fear and then to finish up with making good a plan to make the end point more foreseeable! Thanks for sharing. Kate, Wondrous x

    • tggoose

      It makes so much more sense to focus on what you are doing, doesn’t it! If you truly love what you’re doing, there’s no need to be thinking about anyone else. It’s so liberating! I do love good practical steps for doing things 😉 Thanks for popping in xx

    • Leah Bridge

      <3 My favourite but most challenging is #4! If you ever lose momentum or get in a rut – you now know how to pull yourself out! x

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