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Today we’ll be chatting all about creating a professional profile photo or “headshot” that just oozes the magic of your brand.

Are you ready?!

Below I’m going to step you through the background planning along with my personal tips and tricks for an amazing photoshoot.

1. Know Your Brand

The first step to creating awesome branded professional headshots is to know your brand!

  • What are your Brand Values? (for example Navy Crockett is more of a fun, cheeky brand, while The Golden Goose is a professional, yet approachable one)
  • Which aspects of your brand do you want to ooze from this photoshoot?
  • Which aspects of you do you want to ooze from this photoshoot?
  • What is your Brand’s Personality (for example Navy Crockett is a nautical style brand, and The Golden Goose is a sparkly, golden, magical one)
  • What is your WHY?
  • How do you want your audience to feel when they look at these photos?

Whichever path you take, make sure it is authentically YOU. Images that reflect your natural sparkle, natural smiles and fun are a must!

leah bridge professional personal branding photoshoot

2. Choosing a Photographer

My photographer was KEY to an amazing profile shoot!

  • Your photographer needs to make you feel comfortable. Being a part of a professional photoshoot is hard work – especially if you aren’t used to being in front of a camera!
  • Your photographer needs to make you laugh/smile. ALOT. By the end of the day my mouth was sore and I was a little over it, but Ilse still managed to make me giggle (perhaps a little too much 😉 )
  • Your photographer needs to understand the weather. Prepping for a productive shoot includes watching the weather! We had several back-up days planned just in case the weather turned sour. Lucky it was a perfect day!
  • Your photographer needs to understand lighting. We used a morning/midday light for my nautical Navy Crockett shoot, while The Golden Goose was purposely created in the beautiful golds of an afternoon sunset at Dee Why.

leah bridge professional personal branding photoshoot

3. Choosing a Location

When choosing a location you’ll want to consult with your photographer. Lighting etc makes a big difference! Other than that my hot tip here is to choose a location that is unique and oozes the brand personality that you would love.

For Navy Crockett: Being a ‘nautical’ brand, my beautiful photographer researched the most amazing nautical location! It was a serene place with beautiful (*cough* expensive) boats on a mirror-like harbour.

For The Golden Goose: We chose some sand dunes in Dee Why with reeds that turn golden in just the perfect light.

4. Girly Stuff (hair and makeup)

I highly recommend you invest in having your hair and makeup done professionally. I chose Napoleon Perdis for my makeup (I’m such a Napoleon Perdis addict!), the makeup is always flawless and lasted the whole day without a hitch. The Napoleon girls even helped with a different lip colour for the afternoon/The Golden Goose photoshoot.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the hair-stylists, but my hair is a little fickle and doesn’t like to hold curls! If I was to do-over I would have taken some hair spray with me to primp up a little more.

leah bridge professional personal branding photoshoot

5. What to Wear!?

Any excuse to go shopping, right?

When choosing the outfit for your professional profile photoshoot, again, make sure it reflects your brand.

For Navy Crockett: I went all-out nautical with a white fitted jacket, large (hello Hamptons!) style necklace and navy/white pinstriped top.

For The Golden Goose: I work with women and wanted a girly/golden photoshoot so chose a cute little cocktail dress that would look fab in the golden sunset light.

6. Props

I was also lucky enough that my photographer had this adorable little sailor’s hat that fitted in with what I was trying to achieve for the Navy Crockett photoshoot. We also used candles in jars and some natural driftwood on the beach. The best props / additional elements came from the locations!

HOT TIP: eBay is a great place to source quirky little branded props.

leah bridge professional personal branding photoshoot

7. Gather your ideas

A great way to start piecing together ideas is via Pinterest! Through Pinterest’s ‘group boards’ function you can pin to one board with multiple pinners – so you can add your makeup artist, photographer and other consultants to your board and create a unified vision for your photoshoot!

Happy pinning!

PS. Special credit to the AMAZING Jilske Photography for my beautiful professional photos! I absolutely love them and couldn’t imagine having worked with anyone else x


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  • Kate @ Wondrous

    Great share Leah! I love your photos, I always notice how professional and inviting they look around your website 🙂 Kate x

    • Leah Bridge

      Thank you lovely! I LOVE them! And for someone who doesn’t love to stay in front of a camera – that’s saying something. My photographer is a babe x

  • Kelly Fugina

    This came across my desk just at the right time. Seriously need to do this and your share was great! gave me the knowledge and push I needed.
    -Kelly –

    • Leah Bridge

      LOVE it when that happens! So glad it was perfect timing for you. Let me know if you have more qus @kellyfugina:disqus x

  • Oh Hey Blog

    I have been putting off this task for years…. I need to just get it done properly. Totally agree with Napoleon, plus you get to take a little something home for yourself so it’s a win win!

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

    • Leah Bridge

      I know! Napoleon are fab, and I love that you get to take home product, especially if you’ve learned a few little tips from the chickas x

  • Andrea @ Sublime Finds

    Great tips and the proof is in the pudding with your pics! This is totes on my to do list! x

    • Leah Bridge

      Thank you! And definitely something to upgrade when you get the chance! Start scouting around for some fun photographers to work with x

  • Casey Berard

    Great clear advice! Love that your shared the two examples so I could relate to the creative process. Excited to get equally clear and get it done.

    • Leah Bridge

      Awesome Casey! So glad it helped you – let me know how you go with yours! 🙂

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