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Sugar Is The Devil

When I was a little girl I was a lolly-a-holic. They say sugar is like heroin and I was hooked! We used to get 50 cents from mum to spend at the local corner store every second weekend.

To my *nearly* embarrassment, little me decided it would be advantageous to write a letter to Allen’s Confectionery to describe to them just HOW much I loved their products. I went on and on about how delicious their lollies were, how I would eat them every day if I could (damn those parents of mine, wanting me to be healthy!).

The letter was never actually posted and I found it last year while going through my old school paperwork.

 The Plan To Love

But it got me thinking – your customers are out there, craving a positive experience with your brand.

Most customers aren’t out there PLANNING to have a negative experience. Most don’t purposely come into your store just waiting for your staff to ignore them, or for their product to fall apart. Most are even reasonable when you stuff up – still expecting to have a positive outcome.

The majority want to tell you they love your products. They want to laugh with your staff, celebrate your wins and come back regularly knowing they will be treated how they want to be. They want to tell their friends, boast that they are a regular and known by their first name and feel safe in their purchases.

Where That Leaves Us

What will you do differently now that you know customers are craving positive experiences with your brand? How are you making it easier for them? How are you rewarding them?

I bet you Allens would’ve posted me some freebies had they known what a raving fan I was. I bet.

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