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Hello Sparkly People!

I’ve designed the 25 Point Branding Checklist just for you. Branding can be a hard topic – especially for newbie business owners / bloggers who have no idea what they’ve just gotten themselves into!

The words brand and branding are thrown around like gold, sparkly glitter of recent times, and it’s generally coming from people that don’t particularly have the authority to be throwing around that gold, sparkly glitter.

There are so many factors to consider when working with and on your brand, so many that when clients first talk to me one of their comments is “Whoa, I didn’t realise how big a topic branding is!” >> YEPPERS. This is why I’m committed to educating ya’ll!

I hope you enjoy my 25 Point Branding Checklist, make sure you pin it to reference it later!

  1. Your Why > so your messaging is coming from your heart & soul.
  2. Your Niche > don’t be everything to everyone, be known for something
  3. What makes you special / Different > know what makes you stand out
  4. Competitors > know who you’re standing out from
  5. Brand Voice > attracts your dream clients in a particular style of voice
  6. Brand Positioning > learn where you fit in the marketplace
  7. Me or We > how you should speak to your dream clients
  8. Your Brand Story > tell me a rich story that connects me to your message
  9. Brand Messages > repeated messaging that connects
  10. Elevator Pitch > a quick way to describe who you are / what you do
  11. Customer/Client Perception > how your dream clients see you
  12. Customer/Client Experience > what happens when dream clients encounter your brand
  13. Customer/Client Benefits > what’s in it for your dream clients
  14. Dream Client Profile > a targeted way of knowing who your dream clients are
  15. Customer/Client Connection > How to create connection to your Dream Client, what makes them sing?
  16. Brand Values > how you do business
  17. Brand Personality > your brand’s character + identity
  18. Branding in posts > blog / social media
  19. Brand-aligned decisions > creates consistency + shows your heart
  20. Brand Consistency > creates trust
  21. Business Naming > a name that sparks a connection + attracts your dream client
  22. Brand Protection > trademarking
  23. Brand Identity > Logo + brand elements
  24. Design > website, business cards + other collateral
  25. Copywriting > your brand’s voice used consistently across every client interaction

A brand is SO MUCH MORE than a logo. Notice that a logo is only a teeny tiny slice of the brand pie?

The best way to tackle a brand is at the start – but we don’t all have that luxury. I know some of you have been running businesses for 5+ years and haven’t stopped to consider any of the above. The good thing about branding is there is always an option to rebrand. To repitch. To reposition. To reconsider.

Before you get on to the pretty stuff – the business name, identity design, logo design and copywriting.. stop yourself! As entrepreneurs with shiny object syndrome, we can get distracted easily, so need to avoid the exciting colour stuff until the brand foundations are properly laid.

If you’re looking at this list thinking, “Holy crap! There is so much here I haven’t even pondered!”, let’s chat. I can help you nail this + more to create a brand that spills out from your heart & soul and connects with your dreamiest of dreamy clients / customers / readers. Get in touch here.


25 point branding checklist

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  • Alexandria

    Great post Leah, I love being reminded of all of these elements – awesome checklist!

    • Leah Bridge

      Thanks A! Great to have something to model off x

  • Kristy | The Pug Diary

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. Will be sitting down soon and going through this in detail.

    • Leah Bridge

      Thanks lovely! It’s incredibly multi-faceted 🙂 Make some time to sit down with some beautiful tunes and ponder x

  • Leah Bridge

    Hi Brittney, the elevator pitch is a toughie to tackle on your own! It will be a mixture of how you want your dream customers to feel x how you talk to your dream customers x what makes you special xx @bubblyandbold:disqus

  • Kate @ Wondrous

    Your niche! My favourite, so easy to want to be everything to everyone. Kate, Wondrous x

  • Samantha

    Great post! A good one to pin up and refer to. Thanks!

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