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Introduction: The Ultimate Rebrand Case Study

The renaming and rebranding of Inkblot Design Studio to The Golden Goose provides a useful rebrand case study for businesses who are unsatisfied that their business values and personality are being reflected appropriately in their branding.

For Inkblot Design Studio, it was a quick business startup, I didn’t (shockingly) think too much about the branding. I just knew – like every small business – that I needed some business cards to hand out, a website and something to put on my letterhead.

With an existing client data-base, starting the business wasn’t as tough as I’d seen it on others. Due to the speed of the set up, I absolutely deprived my business of the initial period the average business owner has to focus on their brand strategy, business name, logo, brand identity and other materials to ensure business values are reflected.

The Old Brand

I hadn’t been 100% happy with the business name and the brand identity of Inkblot Design Studio. Something just didn’t sit right, it wasn’t exciting, and it wasn’t passionate and it didn’t reflect my vision for the business.

I decided it was time to “love and take care of my own brand” just as much as I love and take care of my clients brands!


Why It Wasn’t Working

The whole brand was lacking – it wasn’t memorable, it wasn’t exciting, it didn’t make me excited.

I needed the quality of my work to shine through my branding. I wanted my branding to mirror the passion I felt for it and to mirror the business’ personality that it had now developed since starting.

Since I was so unsatisfied with the business name and branding – why not change it? Why not give the business the vibrancy and passion it deserved? Why not hand some of this energy to my clients, and make them see the quality of the service they were receiving reflected in branded materials?

I felt the business had undertaken a sort of self-actualisation process, and finally was everything that I had imagined it to be – without that being reflected in the look, feel and positioning of the brand.

Enter The Golden Goose.

The Background

Business naming is difficult in the best of circumstances, make yourself the client and it’s 100 times more difficult! Deciding the name that matches your brand is a mammoth task.

After weeks of searching, I discovered that fairy tales struck a chord with the business. They were exciting and they always ended happily – just like my client’s journey with me.

As you are aware The Golden Goose is an old Brother’s Grimm tale about a boy who befriends an old man who gives him a golden goose. Everyone wants a feather from this goose as its feathers will make them wealthy.

At The Golden Goose, my skills and advice are those golden feathers. Those feathers provide value to your business and will not only make your competition jealous, but will make you proud!

The New Brand

Proud? Proud I was not! After discovering how unsatisfied I were with the business branding, it was a simple hop skip and a jump to through the renaming and rebranding process.

The new studio name and new branding completely overhaul your initial expectations of the business that you are dealing with. It truly reflects everything that I have ever felt towards the business – passion, personality, flare and professionalism just to name a few.

The process wasn’t easy (being my own client) but it was well worth the journey (and the financial investment)!

From the decision to change the business name until the launch was less than 2 months. This included a complete name change, new business branding, new business newsletter, blog, website, complete new set of branded business materials and a complete overhaul of everything from business cards to the studio’s terms and conditions.

It was worth taking another look at my business, more than just a second glance! It was well worth completely overhauling every printed material, web document and advertisement to come out the end as a flying golden goose!


Branding is everything. I am proof that rebranding works. It has the power to completely change someone’s perspective of your business – as well as your own.

You get the same service, same values and same attitude now under a banner that truly reflects the business values that the business has always held to.

Welcome, The Golden Goose!


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