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The Un-Sellable 10 Million Dollar Business

Samantha Wills recently made the decision to close (yes close, not sell) her 10 million dollar jewellery business.

As soon as it came up on my feed I was like “hold on, what?!”. Something didn’t add up.

As much as the angle has been pitched that she’s “going out on a high” , isn’t it a shame?

A shame to have spent years of blood, sweat, tears, energy, sacrifice, financial resources to build such a huge business and not find it worthwhile to sell because of a.. BUSINESS NAME!

What you name your business matters.

It’s the cool thing to name your business using your personal name at the moment, but.. please, oh please: BEWARE ️.

Many have forgotten what business actually is: a sellable asset, and you MUST remember this when it comes to naming your business and creating a brand that will last.

Kate Spade, Alannah Hill, Samantha Wills.. even Neil Patel has expressed his deep regret of building his business under his personal name as it’s worth far less than it would have been if he had‘ve chosen a business name.

If you are building a business, not a hobby, if you are building an empire, not a one woman band; choose wisely, plan your brand with strategy and heart, but please, don’t take the easy road.

If you want to create a sellable brand that lasts, get in touch.


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