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Underselling Yourself Is Killing Your Business

When I look around the landscape of coaches, consultants and leaders.. I see so many who are great at WHAT they do, but not so great at truly selling themselves well.

And I get it.. you don’t want to be like Joe Smith who has XYZ website and is super salesy, you don’t want to be pushy, you don’t want to have wanky photoshoots with private jets and black Bentleys.

.. But the thing is, to THRIVE in business and become the highly-paid expert, you HAVE to promote yourself, and you have to do it well.

SOBERING FACT: 60% of small businesses close within 3 years in Australia.

Underselling your value is one of the easiest and quickest ways to kill a business..

Because if people don’t understand the value you offer, this will quickly erode your confidence and make you question your pricing.. Attracting dodgy “I want a discount” clients, and leaving you in a big ball of frustration..

SO!!! While you probably love to make an impact in business and help people in your Zone of Genius; you ALSO need to make good, solid, juicy profit too if you want to create a thriving business that sticks around for good.

Join Mindset Coach Tash & Little Old Meeeee (Business Identity Strategist & Coach) as we walk you through the 3 ways you could be underselling yourself, so you can change the statistics, and start earning what your expertise deserves!




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