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New To The Design Process? Been Burned Before? You’ll Love My Tips For Working With A Graphic Designer.

The design process is like a journey, a journey which you and your graphic designer take together. So often you can improve this journey by the few things listed below.

I love the organised client, but sometimes I have to face facts. Not every client knows HOW to be an organised client. The awesome fact for you is this: organised clients generally get charged less. Less time on project = more money in your pocket.

Here’s some tips to keep your relationship with your designer in tip top shape

Tip #1 Make sure you are agreeing to set Terms and Conditions.

I have had grief stricken clients come to me after a designer/client relationship has soured wanting assistance. Im shocked when I hear there were no Terms! Know what you are agreeing to. Check how many proofs are included in costings…ask – who owns the final artwork? Are there may be extra charges for rounds of changes? Clarify!

Tip #2 Have a clear vision for the feelings you want your audience to experience.

Know what your aim is for the project, and how you want the audience to feel when viewing it.

Tip #3 Trust your designer.

They know what they are doing! After all – why are you hiring them?

Tip #4 Be prepared.

Gather all your information – text, images etc that you wish to use beforehand; not during the process.

Tip #5 Have a clear vision for your business direction, services, future.

Have a clear vision of how you want your brand to be viewed by your target customer. This doesn’t meant that you need to imagine what the brochure or advertisement looks like! Clearly communicate with your designer the personality of your business. Most designers will assist in this process, but it’s a good idea to have had a good think about it beforehand.

Tip #6 Consider the target market for your project.

Know how you are going to be using the project that you want us to work on. Know who you want to view the project. Age, sex, race, income level, location, personality, spending habits etc.

Tip #7 Be open and honest with your designer.

Have an open line of communication with them on things that you do/don’t like. If you aren’t happy with something, mention it. It can take a while for the designer/client minds to sync. Give it time, but give it help. If you don’t communicate your dislikes, how is your designer meant to know?

Tip #8 Get a clear deadline of when they will next contact you so you can follow them up.

If you’re anything like me – I like knowing when people will get back to me. If it goes past that date, I’m on the phone!

Tip #9 Make sure you are clearly understood.

The initial brief taking process is the most important of the whole journey. This is what can make or break your journey. If something is misunderstood, or not included in the initial brief – it’s going to be hard for the designer to meet your expectations.

Tip #10 Changed designers?

If something does go wrong and you change designers, make sure it is clear to the new designer what went wrong in the last process. Just like after a divorce, it is good practice to stop and analyze how the miscommunication could have been avoided so a similar situation can be prevented in the future. Communicate this with your new designer.

Some things may seem small but can make all the difference to your schedule, your pocket and your peaceful relationship with your designer. The journey is one that needs to be taken together. You both need each other on the journey so why not take the opportunity to make it as smooth a trip as possible?

Do you have any other useful tips and tricks that you’ve found useful in the design process? Love to hear them below!

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