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Many of you will have heard of the term Business Values or Brand Values “Phrases” or “Keywords.” It’s important that you know what they are, and implement them in your business.

What are your most treasured Business Values / Brand Values?

The concept has been around for years, but I have found only recently more businesses are paying attention to them.

When designing a brand identity for a client it is imperative that the designer is aware of the brand values that need to be portrayed by the design.

What are Business Values?

Values are what you live by, how you live your life, make decisions and prioritise things. So are business values. They are how you grow your business, how you operate day-to-day, how you make decisions in your business and how you prioritise things in your business.

They are the ethics and belief system of your business.

How do I come up with my list of business values? Not a simple question, but here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. How do I want people to perceive my business? (list these words)
  2. What are our business strengths?
  3. Why would people want to be involved with my business?
  4. What are the key benefits to the customer for using my business?

You should have at least 10 words by now.

These can be the start, yes – just the start of your list of business values. I find my business values list grows nearly daily.

How do I implement my Business Values?

These are the values that you will hold onto when dealing with clients, when making decisions, and will be the foundation to place your marketing strategies on.

Lets say your business values were: professional, accessible, prompt and flexible.

Every decision you make needs to enable your business to remain: professional, accessible, prompt and flexible.

Customers will soon know that yours is the sort of business they can be open with, while you get the job done to suit their needs.

It’s about being consistent. Putting forth a brand that is trustworthy and confident. A brand that KNOWS itself, IS itself and IS it’s values.

Business Values. Work on them, hold to them.

What does your business value? Let us know in the comments box below.

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