In Business Naming
I have a confession.
I freaking love shortcuts. LOVE THEM.
Time is my most precious commodity.
I will do ANYTHING to save time.
I hate driving because I sit there doing NOTHING, so will jump on a train and work the whole way on my lappy instead.
I do everything in BULK. I cook 2-3 times per week max and just eat the same meal over and over again.
And you know what? It doesn’t bother me ONE BIT because I know how much time I’m saving! 😉
I never leave the house without having at LEAST 2 things to conquer on the way.
I’m very much a two-birds-with-one-stone kinda gal.
I’m pretty sure I inherited this from my dad.
He loves to save time so much he only buttons every second button on his flano pjs!
Jokes aside, let’s talk saving time in business.
If you, like me love shortcuts.
If you want to get established quicker.
If you hate wasting time.
If you want to get noticed more easily.
If you want to get MORE from your marketing dollar.
If you want to SKIP THE TRIAL AND ERROR that comes with being a rookie in branding and naming a business…
You get your business name out there WORKING FOR YOU.
Like a minion (and we all know how much everybody loves the little yellow guys!).
Skip the trial and error. Get established quicker.
Save your most precious commodity.
Leah x

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