In Business Naming

Should I include my business service or product description in my business name? My opinion is no. There are many other ways to make sure people know what you sell.

When naming a business, you will want to make sure you;

1) Spark curiosity

All I have to do is say I own The Golden Goose or Navy Crockett and people crack out a big smile asking more. You WANT this. Smiles are good. Questions are good.

2) Show your heart and soul

Jam pack it with emotions and brand values. The Golden Goose sounds creative and is instantly displaying a rich quality about it – which reflects the quality of work I produce.

3) Tell some of your brand’s story

You WANT people asking about your brand, how you came up with your brand name. You want them to know the story behind your business name because this story will stick with them longer than “Joe’s Plumbing” ever would or could.


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