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How do you choose the perfect business name?

Is coming up with the perfect business name burning through way too much of your most valuable resource – time?

Are you TIRED of finding a name that you like, only to discover it’s not available?

Do you feel like you’re going a little cray cray in the process?

Are you FRUSTRATED because you KNOW that it’s holding you back from success, and all you want to do is name this thing so you can JUST. MOVE. FORWARD?


You may be completely NEW to this thing called business, OR you may have been in business a while now, but you’re feeling like what you currently have doesn’t FIT YOU and the direction you’re planning to take our business. #hellorebrand

Either way, you’re feeling pretty STUCK, and you’d love to have this sorted ASAP.

I know this because it’s something that dozens of entrepreneurs tell me every single month! And I figured if it’s an issue for them, it’s probably an issue for you too.

Business naming is incredibly hard without a PLAN, without a STRATEGY and is ridiculously hard when you just don’t know WHO YOU ARE (or struggle to explain it). You’ll need some help – so here are 3 things you need to make sure you have!

Grab A Checklist

When you’re trying to decide on the perfect name, you need a standard or a guide of elements and “must-haves” that you can check your name up against. I’ve created one for you in the free How To Choose The Perfect Business Name ecourse.

The list is an excellent guide so you know whether or not the business name you’re considering measures up how it should.

Make It Timeless

You also want to make sure it will last the distance!

There’s no point in choosing a name now only to have to rebrand and change your name down the track – it’s only a complete waste of your time and money! Creating something timeless doesn’t happen by mistake – you’ll need to get down and dirty, create your brand strategy and choose a name that fits.

Give Yourself A Deadline

So many entrepreneurs waste so much time on their name – and it’s not to say it’s not a valuable way to spend time, but it can get to the point where it is literally the only thing standing in your way and stopping everything from moving forward. Some even use it as a way to let fear win so they procrastinate like a boss about the damn thing.

If this is you – set a deadline and speak to an expert. If you’d like some help with your business naming project, click here.


I’ve created a brand new ecourse for you – How To Choose The Perfect Business Name – because I noticed that business naming is a HUGE stumbling block for many entrepreneurs. So, before I remove the smoke and mirrors that is the business naming industry – are you ready to name this thing and make some damn progress?

Click below to get access to your FREE ecourse so you can choose the perfect name and move your shiny new business FORWARD!


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