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Facebook Page Username Change Workarounds


Workaround 1: Partial Change

  1. partially change the name.

    For one client whose former Facebook Page name was Zest e-Biz, and new name Maverick Effect, she changed to Zest Effect.

  2. partially change the rest of the name.

    This you can’t do immediately. It was around a week for us and it worked like a charm.

Workaround 2: Announce It First

Do a public post announcing that you’ve changed your business name FIRST. Then try to change the business name. If it’s rejected, then Appeal show this as proof. This may take a few days.

Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation as you are announcing it before you are changing it, but when Facebook is in control we have to do what Facebook wants.

Workaround 3: Be A Pain In The A**

Just keep appealing. We had one client who asked us to write a letter on our letterhead stating that she had hired us for a professional rename/rebrand, she also had the solicitor do the same thing for her trademark lodgement. It took around 5 times for this to work, but it was eventually accepted and changed.

The biggest thing here is: don’t give up! Prove that you won’t give up and that you’ll just keep appealing until you get your own way.



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how to change your facebook page name when it won't let you