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So you want to change your Facebook Page name.

Whenever my clients are talking about renaming their businesses, I say this – Twitter is the best, Instagram are generally pretty fab but Facebook? Facebook is an unpredictable bitch.

I say this because it’s true. And given the changes in recent months, it’s only proving my point.

It’s not unusual for a business to need to change it’s Facebook Page name and Facebook needs to cater for this as other social media platforms do so easily.

You might be:

  • rebranding
  • pivoting services or products
  • changing it after some further clarity
  • or something else.

It seems to be a common issue posted about in Facebook Groups too, entrepreneurs applying to Facebook for business name changes, them refusing, the entrepreneur tries the “Appeal Page Name Change Request” function only to be denied again.

Google Proves Unhelpful

Whatever the reason, when you Google “how to change your Facebook Page Name”, this little unhelpful piece appears:

how to change your facebook page name








If that works for you – great!

If it doesn’t, please read on.

As it’s something all of my clients who are renaming and rebranding their businesses face at some stage, it’s something I’ve been keen to find a workaround for!

And guess what? I discovered one!

Here it is:

The ‘How To Change Your Facebook Page Name (When It Won’t Let You)’ Workaround

Now, before I dive in I have a disclaimer. This method worked for us 27/7/17. Beyond this I can’t promise anything because hey, Facebook is a bitch.

It’s not rocket science, but it works:

  1. Partially change the name.

    For one client whose former Facebook Page name was Zest e-Biz, and new name Maverick Effect, she changed to Zest Effect.

  2. Partially change the rest of the name.

    This you can’t do immediately. It was around a week for us and it worked like a charm.

That’s it folks!

Good luck with your transition – make sure you comment below and let us know whether it worked for you!

Leah x





how to change your facebook page name when it won't let you

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