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How To Rename Your Business (When You’re Too Scared To Take The Leap)

renaming is a bit like renovating a house

If you want to know how to rename your business when there’s alot of fear coming  up, you firstly need to know a little about my renovation fears.

When I think about renovating my house, I can get that little anxious fear feeling.

I know that actually physically doing the renovation myself is not in my Zone of Genius.
I know alot can go wrong.
I know there’s such a thing as a right and wrong way to do it.

I also feel a little attached to the way things are.
I can even try to convince myself (for a while) that I’m happy with the smelly carpet that’s fraying at the edges!

Change can be challenging and scary.

And if I stay in this space? I end up in Procrastination City.


I can find myself doing alot of other things other than the thing I should be doing, the thing that I know will give me the biggest results because there’s alot I just don’t know and what I don’t know absolutely scares me.

why we avoid it

You may be feeling daunted by the thought of how to rename your business. And that’s okay, it’s great to acknowledge this up front.

There are a couple of reasons why it might be challenging for you –

  • It’s outside your current scope of knowledge and what you feel comfortable doing, and/or;
  • It’s something you have invested in and you’re not quite sure you’re ready to let her go.


how to make it easier

The first reason (it’s outside your current scope of knowledge) is pretty easy to fix – get equipped with knowledge and hire an expert! (If you want some help with it, click here)

The second is the one that isn’t so easy to budge – and to help you understand, I want to tell you about one of my clients, let’s call her “Claire”.

Claire came to me after stalking The Golden Goose for years. She had been in business for a really good length of time (7+ years). She had started out in one industry, and pivoted to another after up-skilling and gaining some additional qualifications.

She knew her brand didn’t ‘fit’ her anymore, and neither did her business name.


She had rebranded several times, attempting to fix the problem that she saw was there, but each time it didn’t give her the traction she was hoping for.

The problem was, the business name that she originally chose was a name that had sentimental value. That AND she’d spent the last 7+ years building a business, could she really just change like that? (snaps fingers)

The leap for Claire seemed daunting at the start. Not just because she didn’t have the knowledge, but because she was emotionally tied to the name, she was emotionally invested.

I want to take you through the exact steps that I took Claire through, so you too can do the thing that you WANT to do, and leave the fear far behind you.

what you can do to make it less scary

There are so many things you can do to help alleviate the anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed or daunted.

Get unemotional

Easier said than done, right!? BUT if you try to take the emotion out of it, think about it as if you are a manager that has just been hired in your company. That manager won’t have the history with your business that you do, so can make less emotionally-charged decisions.

They make decisions based on fact.

I have a free downloadable PDF cheatsheet that shows you 10 ways you can take your business name through it’s paces. The cheatsheet will help you to remove some of the emotion and assess whether your name has the 10 must-have’s or not. Click here to download your free copy.

How to Choose the Perfect Business Name | The Golden Goose

Don’t get ahead of yourself

I see sooooo many business owners jumping ahead of themselves which only serves to overwhelm them further! They’re out there thinking about their new website, new colour scheme, new staff uniforms.

They’re looking at different logo options for different names in the hopes that that will help them to choose.


Table ONE decision at a time. Deal with the name first.
Do the above cheatsheet – does the name you currently have tick the boxes?

No? Now we can table some naming options and learn how to rename your business. But you DEFINITELY still are not allowed to search Pinterest for logo inspo (yet).

Try not to sabotage any progress you see. Anything new can be scary, but overwhelming yourself to keep yourself small is just cray cray – agreed?

Talk to a professional

I know and have taken many clients through the rebranding and/or renaming process. I have held many a hand (mostly via Skype hehe) when a client has felt that overwhelm kick in.


I’ve sat down with them and untangled the barrage of thoughts that anxiety throws at them.

I’ve come up with easy checklists in priority order so all they have to do and think about is that ONE next thing.

I’ve chased them up when I know procrastination may have an opportunity to pop up.

Because I’ve been there many times, I can help you with it too.

how to rename your business

find a business name you’re proud of

I’m just guessing here, but if you’re anything like my clients, the reason you clicked on this article will be because you may –

  • want to pivot your business from one service/product to another,
  • want to transition to a different/better target audience,
  • even want to make sure your business name doesn’t box you in in the future.

Either way, you have a big inkling that your current business name or company name is just not working for you.

And that’s okay. Let me support you through it.

If you are pondering taking that leap, I’ve gathered some of my top business naming tips in a free 3-part video course. Click here to get access to the 3 trainings today.






How To Rename Your Business (When You're Too Scared To Take The Leap)

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