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The Last Rename course is officially open!

If you would lovveeeee to be one of the first to get your hands on this exciting new course, now’s your chance!

The Last Rename isn’t about naming with trends.

It isn’t about the latest fashion or go-to words.

It isn’t even about WHAT you do.

It’s about creating something much more powerful.


This is about creating a long-lasting relationship with your dream clients or customers.

It’s about helping them understand exactly why they should choose you.

It’s about revealing to them the authentic part of your business that they can connect with.

It’s about getting them to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with you.

Naming your business for the last time removes all the fluff to get to the heart of your business, so you name from a place of –

    • authenticity rather than service offering
    • wanting to stand out rather than blending in
    • confidence rather than fear
    • heart rather than the product

If you want to rename and rebrand your business for the last time, join The Last Rename.

The Last Rename | Business and Company Naming Course


As soon as you sign up, you’re given instant access to ALL modules. None of this slow-poke stuff! I want quick, awesome results for you and don’t want anyone or anything to hold you back from getting them!

I’ll see you in there!

Leah x

The Last Rename | Business and Company Naming Course

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