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Personal Name vs Business Name

Which should you choose for your business?

It can be tempting to choose a personal name vs business brand because it seems like such an EASY solution and it’s DONE already, right? (All you highly driven ambitious folk.. I’m looking at YOU!!!!)

But trust me, the chances are NOT in your favour that you’ll be happy with this decision down the road. And when you sort it, you want it sorted for good so it doesn’t stop future world domination, right?

Basically the ONLY time I recommend a personal name vs a business name is either if you are creating a fashion label, or you don’t have huge plans for expanding your business, or you are a thought-leader.. and that’s ALL you are (no staff/team who will step into the spotlight).

So many entrepreneurs like Samantha Wills, Neil Patel etc have expressed their regret about it – Neil Patel had this to say on his blog:

“If I took all of the time I spent building a personal brand into building a corporate brand, I would have been worth a lot more money.” – Neil Patel

Kate Spade literally had to sell her NAME because she sold her empire.

If you want a company that can live and breathe and move without you – then you need to choose a business name.

If you want your clients and customers to trust in your staff, then you need to choose a business name.

If you have big plans for business (bigger than say you and another staff member who is VERY behind the scenes) – choose a business name.

A business name gives you an opportunity to spark curiosity and begin creating immediate connection and meaning, whereas your personal name name does not hold any meaning for people who don’t know you.

LONG STORY SHORT: At the end of the day your name isn’t the sellable asset you need it to be if you are building a global empire.

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