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The Top 8 Business Naming Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Today I’ll be showing you which MISTAKES you need to avoid like the plague so you can come up with a perfect business name that will stand the test of time!

The real key to choosing the perfect name that lasts is to name your business without making any mistakes.
Sounds so simple, but how can you do this when you don’t know what the top 8 business naming mistakes are?
Let me in on my tips!

#1 – Don’t Listen To 99% Of Those Giving You Naming Advice

Literally EVERYONE will have an opinion when it comes to your business name, because for some reason business naming brings out the expert in everyone around you!

I like to think of it like choosing a hairdresser. How do you choose a hairdresser?! You choose someone who has amazing hair, duh!

Likewise, only listen to advice from those who actually have brilliant business names and an amazing brand!

(note to self: this generally excludes your mum, husband, sister in law and friend!)

Listen to someone who practices what they preach and someone who you are confident can get you the SAME RESULT.

#2 – Allow Time To Find The Right Name

So many entrepreneurs want to rush business naming and end up rebranding simply because they didn’t allow themselves proper amount of time to get it sorted.I recommend you schedule in a proper amount of time to give your creative juices a chance to flow, for me this is generally around 4 weeks.

#3 – Don’t Limit Based On Keywords

What are keywords? When I talk about keywords I’m talking about the words you type into Google or another search engine to get your result.

Basically some people try to stuff their business name with keywords because they think it will allow them to rank more highly in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) than their competitors.

Now, by no means am I an expert, but I have consulted the experts and as I understand it, the SEO benefits don’t out-weigh the huge benefit of being able to control how your potential clients think and feel about you as a brand.

Also, choosing a keyword rich business name can also mean you’re boxing yourself into either a certain location OR a certain service or product (e.g. Central Coast Photography) which limits your future world domination plans that you don’t even know exist yet!

SEO is just ONE marketing strategy, and just because you choose a business name that isn’t SEO rich, doesn’t mean that it can’t form part of your strategy also.

#4 – Don’t Fence Yourself In

This is the actual worst. I hate it when I see entrepreneurs who have completely boxed themselves in.

As entrepreneurs it’s completely natural for us to want to morph and change and pivot products and services. We love changes in directions! The ‘evolution’ process can take a few years after you launch your startup – a refinement period allows you to get your groove and focus so you can sit in your Zone of Genius.
But the thing is, if you’ve limited yourself by product, service or geography in your name? Well.. you’re kinda screwed and you may need a rebrand.

Another thing I see happening, and now it’s particularly us women that do this – is using their married name as their business name.

I have one word for you:

Don’t use your married name in your business name!

Life can throw us curve-balls when we least expect it (50% of you will thank me in a few years for this hot tip).

Don’t limit your future business by choosing a name based on product, service,  geography or marriage!

#5 – Forget What You Sell* (*unless you’re actually naming a product)

An old-school business naming method is to name your business something that relates to what you do, for example – “X & X Web Design”. Let me tell you this –

Chanel doesn’t sell Chanels.
The Golden Goose doesn’t sell golden geese.
Virgin doesn’t sell virgins (thank goodness!).

Modern business naming methodology and principles allow for so much more flexibility.

You don’t need to name your business with WHAT you do.

This is particularly helpful in creating a timeless brand because you don’t box yourself in to one particular service offering. For example the above web design company might one day want to consult as well. Their name would then box them in because their name ties in to perception of the brand, and if everyone thinks all you do is web design? All you will do is web design.Naming a business doesn’t need to focus on WHAT you sell.

#6 – Change the least number of times

Most people don’t cope well with change, and your customers, clients or readers are included in this bunch!

If you can nail your business name the first time round (or second time, if you have to!) then you’re far better off.The least number of times that you rebrand, the better.This will allow you to build trust and equity in your brand for years on end, rather than inconsistently chopping and changing.
That being said, if your brand sucks, changing it is often a great (and sometimes the only) way to move forward!

#7 – It’s Not About You

Believe it or not, your business name is actually not about you as much as you think it is!

When you’re doing any kind of marketing exercise in business you ALWAYS need to firstly consider it from the perspective of your dream clients. THEY are the ones you are trying to attract, so they are the ones you need to make it about!

#8 – Business Name Generators

Is your product or service generic and standard?


Well then, choose something unique that really reflects the core of your brand!

This won’t happen overnight, and business name generators that know nothing of your business won’t be able to help.

Some TLC with your brand will though! 🙂

If you want more tips and advice for choosing the perfect business name, grab the free video training: How To Choose A Perfect Business Name. Click here to get the free ecourse so you can put your name through its paces.


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