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Are you an expert who knows you “should” step up and share your expertise with the world.. but you’d prefer to shy away?

My top tips for jumping on Facebook Live (even if you’re an introvert who hates the camera and would prefer to go to the dentist than do video, let alone LIVE)

I’m a massive introvert (I can and have gone a full week without speaking to another soul and been completely content).

People are surprised when they hear this.. so I thought I’d share my top tips about how I have gotten over my FB Live fear


1.  Commit to a weekly time slot.. I schedule them with Be Live and that way I can’t wriggle out of them!

2.  Use a photo of your dream client right near your camera, speak as if you’re talking ONLY to them!

3.  Do a live with someone else.. ANYONE! It will take your focus off yourself, the camera.. and you can learn how to be very conversational. I do them with my mindset coach and I also did one with my VA! Just to get in the groove of things! I found I only did that one and was fine with it after..

4.  Put something over your screen so you can’t see yourself if this is what distracts you. Take your focus off yourself and switch it to your dream clients who need you!

5.  Dare to show up ONE TIME less than perfect, just to prove to yourself that you can be real, raw, vulnerable and NOBODY cares! This is so therapeutic.

6.  If you’re worried about losing your train of thought (like me) have some notes, I write notes and stick them with blutack to my monitor.. less than ideal but it’s working for me for now!

7.  Don’t expect yourself to be amazing straight out of the gate! You need practise to feel comfortable.. just like you need to practise surfing, you’re gonna stack it and you’re gonna have to keep getting back on!

8.  Know yourself – if you procrastinate, then schedule it, if you are a perfectionist, maybe you need to an accountability buddy who will make you do a SURPRISE live on their command!

9.  Be yourself! Nobody expects you to show up more professionally or any different than how you are 1:1 with clients..

10.  If something goes wrong, laugh it off like a human! Don’t pretend it’s not happening like a robot LOL

11.  I used to work in pharmacy where we had to approach a customer within 30 seconds of them entering the store. It felt HECTIC for this little introvert, but it was great for me because it really forced me to develop the “just bite the bullet” muscle.. so how can you develop your “just bite the bullet” muscle?

12.  Just bloody DO IT! “Kill the monster while it’s small”. The longer you keep thinking about this and staying in your head, the bigger it will feel. Why not choose to look at it as simple as doing the washing?

13.  DANCE PARTIES! Just before you jump on, DANCE. I’m serious. Get rid of that anxious energy and jump on when you’re happy!


Basically you need to learn to combat yourself! If you know what your behaviours are, you can then begin to put measures in place to force yourself to do it.

Just let your weird, freak flag fly!

Hope these help.


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